DUANE FORDE: Questions about your Ottawa article


Since I couldn't find a way to contact you directly, this will have to suffice. I am merely posing questions, not making accusations. Pls. bear that in mind.

Your recent article about the situation with respect to interest shown by Frank D'Angelo and what needs to be done to return a team here was a well-written synopsis of what is involved.

Many of the points that you raised have been brought up and debated on many other fan forums.

However, since you posted the article on the CFL's official website, concerns have been expressed by fans elsewherwe as to whether the article is solely your own opinion. Nothwithstanding the disclaimer which appears, some feel that the article was either vetted by League office or that you are somehow echoing, in a roundabout manner, what the League's official position on the Ottawa situation to be.

So, are the opinions expressed within that article solely personal opinions?

Did the article have to be approved by anyone within the League before they ran it?

Is anything in that article to be construed as official League position?

As I said at the outset, I am only raising these questions because other fans have done so elsewhere and I don't want to see accusations getting out of hand. Personally, I think the article is your own doing.

I think you'll agree that the silence from the League regarding any update as to what they are doing about the Ottawa situation, D'Angelo or other interested parties etc., is making many Gades' fans concerned. All that they (and other CFL fans such as myself) seek is some assurance that the League is being as proactive as they claimed they would be in returning a team post-haste to Canada's capital.

Steve O'Brien

Maybe .... Braley asked Duane to write and publish it???

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i agree with duane 100%

So do I.

While I do hope that the league is trying to find a new owner for the Ottawa franchise as quickly as possible, I don't think they should just take the first bid that comes along. Especially if the bidder appears to be a clone of the Gliebermen.

Well, the article in question seems to have been purged from the site so I guess this thread has become moot.

I can only guess that despite the disclaimer, League officials weren't comfortable (for whatever reason) having it on their official site.

Article pulled!

Mods are everywhere!!!


Steve and Other Concerned CFL Fans,

   First of all, I would like to thank you for taking an interest in the articles that I write. My goal as a member of the Canadian football media has always been to reach the most passionate of CFL fans and your concern certainly suggests that you fit into that category.
   To answer your question regarding the opinions expressed in the Frank D'angelo article, rest assured that the views are strictly my own, as they are in any opinion piece that I write. I am not an employee of the Canadian Football League but rather a freelance columnist for their website. As a result, the league essentially has no control over what I write. They could theoretically choose to not post something but they never have, nor have they ever altered the content of any of my columns.
   All articles are approved by an editor (who may consult with other league officials if he has any concerns). In the case of the "Thanks, But No Thanks" column, they were initially hesitant to post it, not because they were trying to silence me, but because they were concerned that readers would assume that because the item was appearing on CFL.ca that it expressed the views of the league. Thus the disclaimer.
   On the matter of the league's position on Frank D'Angelo as a prospective buyer for the Ottawa franchise...I have no idea. As this was an opinion piece, I didn't ask how anyone else felt before I wrote it (not Tom Wright, not David Braley, not even my wife) because that was irrelevant to this particular column. In fact, you should be aware that the article was actually written over two weeks before it appeared on the website. At the time, league officials hadn't even met Mr. D'Angelo yet to formulate an opinion of him.
   Like you, I am very passionate about the Canadian Football League and as such I feel "protective" where the league's best interests are concerned. If anyone perceived what I wrote as a personal attack on Frank D'Angelo then I apologize as that was never my intent. I was merely voicing an opinion as to what I felt was in the best interests of the league and explaining why I felt that way.
   If I may express another opinion, I believe that the league is very serious about returning to Ottawa sooner than later. However, at this time, their top priority has to be ensuring that the 2006 season gets under way smoothly. Once that mission is accomplished one can expect them to focus a little more attention on the Ottawa situation although the league would be wise to keep most of those efforts out of the media spotlight.
   Once again, thank you for taking such an interest and enjoy the coming season.

Duane Forde

Props .... and thanks for your writing on cfl.ca and contribution to The Score .... fans very much enjoy it, Duane

Wow ... although I wasn't the one who started this thread, I really appreciate you replying in person, Duane. I'm very impressed. And I know exactly what you mean about becoming "protective" when it feels like the League is under attack!
Personally, I cannot express how much I hope Ottawa gets their team back ASAP, with solid ownership so that they can be stable and successful for the long run. I have no doubt that it is possible (eg, Hamilton and Toronto, among others) and I'm also VERY confident that Tom Wright is as good a choice as any to find new ownership ... again, see Toronto and Hamilton. But as we all know, the owners have to be right for the job ... no Gliebermen or, in my opinion, D'Angelo.
I'm sure the League is also very eager to return the Renegades to Ottawa ... but I can understand them simply wanting to get the season underway without a hitch, first. I hope that as soon as the season is rolling along smoothly, the CFL puts strong efforts into finding competent and committed owners for the Renegades.

Thanks for the response, Duane. I love your insightful reports on The Score and cfl.ca and am looking forward to the season.


I really appreciate you taking the time to address my post.

As I said initially, many of your points in that article were not new but the fact that they appeared here made the difference.

Like you, and many other CFL fans, we all hope for a speedy return of the CFL to Ottawa.