Duane Forde. Please Shut Up.

I hope Duane Forde reads this.
I'm trying to enjoy the game tonight.
I want to see the action.
I don't want to watch the play listening to Duane Forde ramble on about some inane topic that has absolutely nothing to do with the game.
He also talks and pauses. Talks and pauses. So that you never know when he's finished.
Somebody at TSN should tell Forde to keep it short and sweet.
We don't need a sermon after each play.
Its not the Duane Forde show.

I disagree I think Rod Black should shut up!!

Another solution is to mute your TV.

I think they should both shut up and tell us why the cats were 20 yards back after the comerical...

I know it was a holding call but, they should tell us

I don't know. I think it should be a rule that once the play starts, the colour guy shuts up, and the play by play man calls the play. Enough of telling us stories while the play is going on. Because nobody is listening. We're trying to watch the play!
It takes away from the game for me.

I dont think it happens often 99, but I agree with you completely

Duane Ford is fine, Black can be a little irritating but if you find this bad, I can’t imagine what you thought of the CBC broadcasts.

Slightly off topic, do you ever post about something positive about the game berezin?

I have. But you probably don't read them. Because nice nice is boring. And this is a discussion board to discuss issues. And not all issues are nice nice.

And why does Rod Black keep saying the Argos are 2 and 6? I checked the standings, and they're 3 and 5. Hamilton's 2 and 6.

Doowy is almost as anoying as the siren


Best post of this thread!

Rod Black is a former sportscaster that worked for CTV in Winnipeg. He's about 5'5" and must be standing on a chair when TSN shows the 2 standing next to each other--it's hilarious!

I like Duane Ford. He's insightful and intelligent. However, he is new to the job. Give him time.

Glenn Suitor annoys me more as a colour man. He's yappy, attempts to use words beyond his vocabulary and is a boot-licker. I hate the way he'll enthusiastically go on and on about the refs' abilities to resolve disputed calls via instant replay in one moment, only to watch refs arbitrarily call marginal calls the next and babble for 5 minutes about how a disputed call could go either way.

At least Duane Ford wiil improve. Glenn Suitor is a worse colour man than Chris Walby, who is a dimwit (not that I would say that to his face).

I saw Chris in Walmart once shopping for clothes (true story). His largeness made the shopping cart look like one of those kiddy-sized carts some stores have. I'm sure that he could have picked it up and hurled it at me from at least 50 feet (15m).

If you wouldn't say it to his face, why would you say it here?

I saw Chris in Walmart once shopping for clothes (true story). His largeness made the shopping cart look like one of those kiddy-sized carts some stores have. I'm sure that he could have picked it up and hurled it at me from at least 50 feet (15m).
I guess this says alot about the CFL pension plan or that Walby has real bad taste in Clothing.

I liked Duane Forde at first, but he's becoming too talkative. The idea is to say a few words and then shut up while the play is going on. And he has to learn to speak in short quick sentences. Not these long seliloquies filled with pregnant pauses.

None of these guys are dimwits or any other derogatory name. They're just guys trying to do their best, and IMHO they ALL do a fine job.

Frankly, I don't always listen intently to-every-single-word-they-say, but when I do I am always almost always rewarded with insight.

I'd really love to see some of the critics on this board step up and deliver half as well as these guys do.

Exactly! I watch the game.

That would explain why you did not hear that siren LOL.

I rate Duane Ford as a good addition to TSN. He has good knowledge and has good insights into the game. His yearly review of the CIS players is excellent I agree the guys should not interfear with the play on the field. Often the TV cameras switch to someone with a report from the field just as the teams line up.The worst is
' sue 'who rambles with the camera trained on her and the result is that viewers miss some game action. I am not sure if "Sue' is on all games but she is on all Montreal games. IS TSN trying to get the attention of the women? We have enough persons covering the games and, don't need some one from the from the sidelines nattering on while the game is going on the field. Last year we had Danny McManus doing this. This year we have "Sue". I hope TSN gets rid of her!!!!Suiter is the best color announcer on TSN.

I didn't say I don't listen to the game, I just don't lean on every word that is said, as if I have nothing better to do.