Duane Forde...joins tsn

...This is a great addition...he's very knowledgeable ...knows the CFL inside and out
.....has great presence on the tube...looking forward to his working the games... :thup:

Good for Duane. Show me da money, he'll be making lots more at TSN than The Score, that's for sure.

Where does that leave Danny McManus, if Forde is being paired with Black?

This leaves McManus out! Ford, through the annual Canadian Draft summary has demonxtrated he is a super analyst while McManus appeared as superfluous in 07.

Yup, gotta love Danny, he's a great person beside having been a great football player. But the broadcasting thing, not his big strength.

Definately not.


I liked Forde. He fit in well.

This is a good move in my books. Danny McManus may still be a sideline reporter and a backup colour commentator.

Great addition for TSN as Forde is excellent with his obvious insight and the man is articulate. Almost opposite of Danny Mac, who appears as the odd man out.
Now if we can only get the playoffs and Grey Cup on the mother CTV network.

I agree.
Duane Ford is a great addition.
Unlike Greg Frehrs and Sean Millington, he can put together sentences and actually make sense.
Too bad Darren Flutie wasn't available as well.
With all the extra games TSN is now saddled with, they better get some football people to call the games.
Going on the cheap and using tired retreads like Rod Black and Rod Smith would be an insult to the league.

cis football get any coverage/respect from tsn now? forde does a really good job with the CIS when he was on the score. Good pickup by TSN.

Good for Duane, and smart move by TSN.
Promoting a guy who has cut his teeth in the broadcast business instead of always taking a flyer on ex-players with no experience seems like a good idea…