Duane Forde joins TSN broadcast team


TSN announced today two-time Grey Cup champion Duane Forde is joining the CFL on TSN broadcast team as a game analyst.

The 12-year CFL fullback will work 30 games this season, all of which will be alongside play-by-play announcer Rod Black. Forde will also contribute regularly to SportsCentre and TSN.ca, where he will write a weekly column focusing on CFL issues, personnel and scouting.

As long as they don’t sign Walby, this move is okay in my books!

I didn't see Danny McMannus' nsme in the press release. Is he still working with TSN?


As you can see, Danny Mac appears to not be with TSN anymore.

Duane is a great analyst. He tells the viewer details that we probably don't know, unlike Suitor and Walby who just ramble on. It can be very "fusstrating" listening to both. Duane Ford will be a breath of fresh air.
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7)

Unfortunately Danny Mac is no longer with TSN. A new producer for the CFL on TSN wanted to go in a different direction re. the colour man. Danny is hoping to continue his CFL broadcasting career by catching on with another TV network or by doing radio.

I like Duane Ford's work both as a player with Calgary and as a football analyst .

Hope Danny Mac lands at CBC when they get some games another time....

Here an I Idea add to Danny to the CHML Team.
Covering the Ticats.

Now Duane can work with his wife @ TSN - the lovely and talented Sheri Forde.

Keeping Danny Mac in Hamilton would be great. Coach, radio, front office, whatever.

Add my name to the list of Danny Mac supporters. He would be great as an analyst alongside Coach Sal. Between those two is enough football experience and intelligence to blow any other media source right out of the water.

By the way- GREAT idea, Tom!

Ol' BatlCat.