Duane Ford

With the second airing of this weeks CFL Snap about to come on I just had to ask...Does anyone think this Duane Ford knows what he's talking about? Personally, I don't think this guy knows his stuff like he thinks he does. I'm not saying he's a Marty York, but Duane does impress me as being to bright. Am I the only one?

I think Duane is doing great. He should leave the Score, and take over for Jock on TSN. Now that is a guy who gets old real fast. Climie has ZERO personality. You're not as funny as you think Jock. "Jock Talk" stinks.

While we're somewhat on the topic. Which do you prefer?
TSN, Sportsnet or The Score?

Personnally I think TSN is the uber sports channel. Except when the show golf and NASCAR. Who the hell wants to see a bunch of car drving around in circles? Oh, right. The red neck americans. Of course.

TSN is best for CFL and all around sports.

But I love Sortsnet just because they give me all the Flames hockey I want.

The Score is really good when I need a score fast, or if I'm working out and just need something on T.V. to fool myself into thinking I want to be working out.

For Sportsnet though, do they show anything but Flames/Oilers hockey, baseball or basketball. I've yet to see a CFL or NFL game on there. And damn are those news anchors annoying. Get rid of em!

Well there isn't much CFL to around and TSN and CBC pretty have it wrapped up. Plus after seeing a game on Sportsnet last year, it's best Sportsnet doesn't go anywhere near the CFL for a while. Basketball, hockey and baseball are 3 of the 4 major sports plus they are only place to get soccer (because I guess there are people who like to watch soccer) Besides, do you really need anything else other than Calgary Flames hockey...really. Actually, while it would appear I'm on a Sportsnet bandwagon anyway, Sportsnet is the only one that regionalizes is channels which means I can watch Flames vs the Oilers instead of watching a 4 hour special on what the Toronto Maple Leafs do with there Mondays.

Today's version of CFL Snap wasn't much to judge him on (he barely opened his mouth) but in general I think Duane Forde is one of the better CFL analysts on TV. I think he's being wasted on The Score.

I think Duane Ford is good and yes he does know his football.

And that is boring sort of a seniors report don't you think!

TSN is the best for CFL but Sportsnet is overall better cause it's regional, unlike TSN (Toronto Sports Network).

Ford is pretty good on CFL Snap on the Score.

cfl coverage this year has been better on cbc. normal camera angles. tsn looks like they are trying to be different too much., they keep switching cmera angles during the play, and what is up with when they show suitor and cuthbert standing and talking instead of watching the players on the field. play by play commentators-- you talk, you do not need to be seen. and please tsn stick to the camera angles that have served us well for 50 years. on replays you can use the new shots but during live play i want to be able to see the play. now if cbc would just get rid of millington.

… and Walby !!!

I like Duane Forde. Yes, he is learning and seems to forget sometimes what he wants to say but he is a committed CFL fan and will get better in time. And he went to Western, my alma mater, and played for the TiCats, so he can't be that bad!

TSN and CBC are excellent, both cover the games and this is good. Not sure which one I like better.

TSN and The Score are much better for news about the CFL. Rogers does a poor job with CFL highlights and rarely has a person at the game for post game interviews.

Rogers is weird. They don't have a little twirling football when they introduce PM 3 Play and the CFL season is a 1/4 way through. And Jody Vance and Jim Van Horne are doing a baseball and golf song and dance during the newscasts, no football. Heck, even CNN when they introduce sports, has a football twirling, with white stripes to boot, and football isn't even being played there now! But then, Rogers does the CFL Player of the Game thing. Weird, not sure how to take this company. They are in deep with baseball so I guess this is what they are going to show. But they actually seem afraid, to me, of the CFL and football in Canada. Maybe it has something to do with Paul Godfrey and the "I'm an NFL guy" thing, the CFL isn't big time enough for them at Rogers Sportsnet. I find I am not watching their newscasts any longer other than when I know Eric Tillman will be on or the odd time to see Nick Kypreos and John Garrett talk about hockey but TSN is better even with their hockey coverage, IMO, than Rogers Sportsnet. Weird stuff going on at Rogers I think.

I like Duane Ford. Keep it up with the snap! I prefer TSN over Sportsnet at times, because I'm not really much of a baseball fan. I do like Sportsnet of course. The score, I love to watch and enjoy reading the bottom of the screen, for my sports needs and even during the commercials which I think is really cool. :slight_smile: CBC and TSN are doing a awesome job with airing the CFL football games and I love watching both. Once Hockey gets going, I'll be back to the Hockey Network channel again. :!:

I find him boring, he shows no emotion, talks soo slow, always gives a general sorta answer, never an opionated one, seems like he just doesnt give a flying flock, the CFL needs a Don Cherry of sorts, someone do put a edge to the cfl.

You know, that's not that bad of an idea GoEsksGo. Schultz is definately the most passionate of all the analysts and the most emotional but he's to educated to spew opinionated tripe. I think Dunigan could be the CFL's Cherry.

I hear you guys, but Don Cherry, please, we can do better than that. I like Schultz, he does show emotion and has played the game but so does Duane, he is just a bit more reserved, that's all.

I'm sick and tired of people saying Don Cherry is the best type of guy for TV, I don't mind him but other leagues don't have to emulate him, he says some very stupid things like French Canadians and Europeans are the only guys who need masks. I wonder how many eye injuries have been caused because someone thought it was sissy to wear a mask. Maybe all football players are sissies because they have masks, I'm sure that is what Cherry would say. He is full of crap sometimes.