Duane Butler

For those of you Als fans who live in Montreal and area, maybe you can enlighten me about something.

Late in the season, Duane Butler lost his job as starting outside linebacker to D'Wayne Taylor. The TV talking heads never indicated why, nor do I recall ever reading anything on the internet on why that change was made. Did any Montreal sportswriters or broadcasters ever ask Popp why that move was made? If so, what was the response? If not, why not, isn't asking questions like that a sports reporter's job??

That would require hacks like Zukowsky and Todd to actually be knowledgeable about football. Not gonna happen. :slight_smile:

I believe Butler lost his spot because the coaches thought Taylor was a better at dropping into pass coverage, which has never been Butler's strong suit. They wanted a little more versatility at the position. Also, Taylor is a bigger body than Butler.

I agree with D&P except that Zukowsky and Todd would have to study real hard and work their way up to hacks!!!

I actually like this move of using Taylor instead of Butler. In my opinion, Taylor hits a lot harder.

Mike Quinn might beg to differ on that one. Butler laid quite a lick on him.

Actually, I think the two players worked well on the field at the same time whenever Taylor played MLB in place of Ellis. Both Butler and Taylor offer good speed on blitzes.

Good point.