Dual running back combo for playoffs

In a month today the grey cup will be played in Winnipeg and its probably going to be cold windy and could also be snowing by then. I love our receivers and they been on fire as of late. I really think we should put in two running backs on certain plays also and Gable could be on one side and someone like Michael Ford or Ray Holley on the other. It gives two solid weapons in the backfield for Mathews if he doesn't see a receiver downfield. At this time of year and the lack of experience in Mathews not having played a CFL playoff game ......now is the time to really give some running backs certain play schemes to try out. Lets use our weapons wisely and confuse opposing defences...i dont want to seem too predictable going into the playoffs with the PASS PASS PASS.


I agree with you Allan; however the coach, PASS MAN Kent, probably wont.

Two running backs may be needed to beef up the pass blocking tho. RBs have lots of sacks.

I agree with Wheezer, while I believe its a good idea its highly doubtful Austin will change his way of thinking at this point. Personally I think they need to open up the play book and let Jeff throw the ball down field and involve CJ with the screen. 8)

In this era where you are consistently completing 65% of your passes I agree with the low % of running plays.
The days of 5 yards left, 5 yards right are in the rearview mirror. If you can't pass the ball you will lose. very simple.

In theory it's a good idea but the drawback to dressing 2 import running backs is that you would have to dress 1 less import in the lineup on game day. In reality there's no reason that the team couldn't go with dual backs and use a now healthy Woodson as your 2nd back. Woodson in his time utilized this year has more than proven that he is capable and now that Gable is finally back and healthy I think they could provide a nice one two punch without having to switch up the ratio. Dressing a Ford or Holley as a backup to Gable sounds great on paper but in reality not practical if it means weakening another position by sitting someone else as a DI on game day.


Well Ottawa has just signed Hugh Charles as insurance for Powell, the also announced that Jerimiah Johnson's injury was not as serious as they thought and he's running again.
At least Ottawa is getting prepared for the playoffs, it's likely that Powell and Johnson will be in the backfield in the playoffs with Hugh Charles as backup.

Actually it's worse than that. It means sitting another import, probably a receiver, on the play you bring the second international back in. So not only are you down a receiver by bringing in the second back, but you're removing one of the top receivers. But using Woodson this way would work, as he would be replacing the weakest of the five receivers.

Also consider that Woodson was working out at slot in training camp, so the defence wouldn't know whether he's sticking around as a blocker (and maybe releasing or taking the ball on a draw), getting the ball in the backfield, or going deep.

Madu just flew back out to Canada, maybe he can make an appearance during the playoffs? I believe he's eligible to be activated once the regular season ends...

Hi Allan,

I agree with your post would love to see this team run alot more unfortunately the offensive line and all their injuries just can't handle it.

And even if we could, right now might not be the best time with 2 games left that may come down to total points scored. We need to air it out and score fast and often.

Magic is back? That's great news.