DT Ty Steinkuhler

Steinkuhler, a former Nebraska Huskie, is an interesting potential DT prospect. The Als signed him in Nov. to a 2010 contract (as per CFL website), but quietly released him in Dec. (as they previously did with QB Tyler Palko) so that he could go on the Jets practice roster. Mr. Popp wont stand in the way of a player trying to make the NFL, hopefully agents and NFL personnel people remember this and send more players this way. So Steinkuhler is the 3rd Jet to keep an eye on , the others of course being Larry Taylor and S.J.Green. And Im sure ex-Alouette and current Jet scout Brock Sunderland has a hand in all this.

Personnally, I won't loose too much sleep on whether Tyler Steinkuhler is released or not by the Jets, during their 2010 training camp. If you recall,the reason -told to Dave Naylor of Globe & Mail in December,2009, by Mr.Popp- he and Tyler Palko were released by Mr Popp, in November and December 2009, was because he felt that they had no chance to make the 2010 Als roster.

Tyler Steinkuhler was ranked 66,amongst DT's, by Pro Football Weekly 2009 Draft Preview-Nolan Nawrocki-

Tyler Palko has been released by Pittsburg on December 9,2009; he was signed on November 25,2009, because Pittsburg had injuries to their QB's. He is now "free'; if the Als have not put him back on their negotiation list,could he "land" in Toronto?

Another QB whom the Als had on their negotiation list, a few years back is Shane Boyd-decent QB but quite an athlete-; still on? He could "surface" in Toronto. Since 2005, he has been with Tennessee,Pittsburg,Houston and Indianapolis who released him December,9,2009.