DT Evans Moved to 9 game IR

It is something i just noticed but was a wise decision by the Riders to lock him into a contract and keep him off the Market. He is barely 23 being born in 1990 and just because Stienhuer was a big surprise dis not make Evans any less a good DT. There is only so much room on the roster and only so much money under the cap so the 9 game is the perfect place for him to keep other teams hands off of him
Most likely he wants to stay a rider but with Mace going down in Calgary and Austins dream of having Bulcke and Gaydosh rotating on the Dline now a huge question mark. Evans has suddenly become probably a pretty hot commodity as a rotating DT with the right birth certificate to make it work.
I would venture to guess that one or both of those teams may have made him offers and the Riders assuring him that he could be part of their plans for a long time a contract not counting against the cap for a player as good as him that is barely 23 is not a bad deal.
The Riders are in great shape with Canadian players with 8 starters and Hurl part of a regular scheme gives them a lot of comfort. Evans makes it even better. There probably are not that many 23 year old DTs that good import or Canadian in the cfl so this is more than just a ratio move but a player move period.

He is going nowhere. Pawns are great in expansion drafts

Planning ahead does count a lot in an expansion draft season but I could see the Riders leaving Foley unprotected having the big name yet older player to dangle in front of Ottawa with both Stienhauer and Evans being along the Dline rotation next season to go along with Sholo as the starter. They may or may not be protected right away but if Foley is taken you can be assured that they will be part of the additional protected players at that point.

Foley unprotected? Don't outsmart yourself. :wink:

Don't be so sure where Foley was once the only Canadian DE in the CFL that is beginning to change they have a young steinhuer listed at DE right now and is the reason why Evans was the odd man out to begin with.A young import by the name of Will Davis has been through the NFL and is younger at 26 and is looking really good
With the Riders being top dog sports wise in the province it has provided a lot of great football talent in their Back yard with top athletes choosing football and the Riders is where they want to be. Already celebrities in the community which comes with its fringe benefits the will also have a brand new stadium

They didn't sign him to a fat FA contract just be expansion fodder. I know that a lot can change by the end of the year in a league like this, but at this point in time the Riders are NOT considering leaving him unprotected for expansion. Not even close. They will keep him or they will trade him. They will not just let him go. No way.

I am not so sure how fat that contract was but playing for the Riders comes with its fringe benefits like in no other CFL team. Offseason jobs, rooms at the Hall Embassy suites as part of an endorsement deal, and I am quite sure discounted living arrangements from realtors who are Rider supporters

there isn't a realtor on this planet that would give a discount of any sort to anyone for anything...not even a Rider supporter!

except for the Geroy Simon deal endorsing the Hall Embassy suites for paid Suite for the season.