DT aka Derek "Details" Taylor leaving TSN

But he’s staying with sports - just announced as the new play-by-play man for CKRM coverage of Sask’n Roughrider radio football - will also do a 3 hour radio show on weekdays.

Longtime Regina pbp man Rod Pederson was deposed late in 2018 after 20 yrs on the job.

Taylor hasn’t done a ton of play by play. During his 5 yr stint in Wpg. for CKND/Global (morning show host) he did U of M Bison football so thats a start.

Was a versatile TSN rounder the last 3 or 4 yrs on the network. Great CFL analysis - a reliable reader, too. Was hoping they’d give him some exhibtion and non-counting late season games to groom him to replace Rambunctious Rod Black - but I guess Blackie is the happiest mope in town now.

TSN should have enough spinners and dealers to gap fill for Taylor. . . . . so long as Natasha remains their top girl. Klondike Kate also does a ton of stuff beyond the scores desk, too! This would be a great opportunity to elevate Awesome Brodie Lawson to the sports desk - but I fear she’s already left TSN for greener pastures!

Taylor has some work to do in Regina & area. Pederson was an over-the-top personality who took it personally if he was just called a down-in-the-mouth homer. He was so homered up Babe Ruth woulda been jealous. Even mealy-mouthed riderfan homers were often embarrassed by Rod’s crazy-talk and homersim. Taylor will be forced to change his personality if he wants to compete with Pederson in the homerooski category!

Brodie Lawson doesn’t work for TSN. She works for the CFL.

Hope Rod passes down some wisdom on how to verify if the Mic is hot.

Always enjoyed Taylor’s By the Numbers spots about the CFL on SportsCentre.