Dry Game?

While I'm sure many will disagree, I was at the Dome Saturday for the Argo / Bomber game (proudly wearing my black & gold, but supporting my swmbo who is from the 'Peg and a die-hard bomber fan) and I got to say I think the booze-free Family day was a great idea. Something the Cats may want to consider.
Just a thought...

8) That would just mean BYOB to a lot of fans !!! :wink:

No thanks. There already exists a booze free, family section.

I like my beer.

Beer and football belong together.

I think everyone around me would have to agree for a dry game after Friday's colourful misfortune.

If not a dry game, at least a limit - perhaps cards that need to be stamped in order to purchase a drink, and no more than 3?

I'm sure most people in the front rows of section 6 know exactly what I'm talking about.

They make too much Money from Beers sales to stop Selling beer
even for one Game

what happened at the bottom of section 6?

Let's just say one man had a "little" too much to drink, and it ended up in a large smelly mess in front of him, on him, and around everyone else in the section.

Luckily there was only about 7 minutes left in the game, kuddos to the Stadium Staff for cleaning it up as quick and effective as possible during a game.

I don't think this was a planned event. Weren't they being punished by the province for some previous booze related infraction?

What a stupid idea

Maybe I am blind but I thought there was a post about this topic before. Was it deleted? I went looking for it and I could not find it–confusing.

Every game is a dry game for me as I do not drink. I do not begrudge anyone else getting into the beer. I just hate it though when someone gets really drunk and become obnoxious and not into the game anymore.

The only Grey Cup game I have attended was in 1989 when the Ti-Cats lost to the Roughriders. I was sitting in the lower bowl seats (a great seat for only $75!) around the 40 yard line. Down infront of me were these two guys. They’d been drinking well before showing up at the Dome. They were so pissed out of their minds I would have been suprised if they knew what city they were in. It was an incredible game and I didn’t miss one second of it. But it seemed–what is the right word here?-disrespectful to that grand game for “fans” to get so ploughed. I doubt very much they knew what was happening on the field and I doubt that their recall of the game was intact.

What I am saying sounds judgemental, I know. I am not trying to be but in my own life history I hit the bottle way too hard–there were times when I behaved like those two at the '89 Grey Cuo game. I’ve been there and done that. I’ve been dry for years. I have no problem with other folks getting into the beer. It does not bother me one iota. But I am strongly in favour of moderation. That’s common sense. Have fun but don’t overdo it and become a nuisance to others around you. There’s nothing manly about that.

Well, if you sit beside me at a game and you’re having a few beers you need not worry about me–we’ll get along just fine! :rockin:

Exactly. Have a few beers if you like, but don't get so wasted that your behaviour detract from your neighbours' enjoyment of the game.

EDIT: And if you have to cross the row and walk in front of everybody on your way to or from the beer stand, try not to do it in the middle of a play. Especially if we're in the red zone. Same goes for any other reason you might leave your seat apart from a legitimate emergency.

8) You're right "Wristy". I believe it was because of an incident at Rogers Center, where beer was sold to an underage person by one of the walk around beer salespersons.
  Apparently the beer sales guy lost his job because he did not card the kid .  Rumours were it was a set up to nail the sales guy who had done it before on another occassion.

  The end result was that Rogers Center had to have so many "dry days" as punishment  !!!

You have it right. Two Jays games and the Argo game had to be booze-less. I few wobbly pops would've helped the fans get through Saturday.

An Argo-Cat fan

I know its been mentioned but just sit in the family section if you dont like it!

IWS i think goes above and beyond anywhere else for providing a clean dry environment.. a whole friggin section of the stadium = booze free.

Thousands of people paying 8 bucks for cans of garbage beer = HUGE profits.

Everyone was young once, and has had too many at a football game once or twice, and unless theyre one of those angry drunks, they actually can be hilarious!

My dad still talks about when he was young (hes in his 60s now) and spent a night in the Barton street jail for jumping onto the field from the endzone and running around :lol:

I agree! nothing wrong with a few beers if you don't like it don't buy one.
If you don't like your kids being around drinkers, sit somewhere else! Take the kids to a movie not a football game!!

Sorry perhaps my point that it was FAMILY DAY was missed.
Yes, it was a forced booze-free day, but they had buy 1 get 1 for kids under 12 ticket free, lots of kids interaction and, in general, a lot of kids there.

We need the next generation of fans to start as young as possible. I prefer to have a good seat, and not be relegated to the near-end zone area if I want my kids to be in an jerk-free zone (gasp.. I openly mentioned that some drunks are jerks and obnoxious).

And, in this fan's opinion, I'd soon drink tap water from the IWS washroom then the "beer" we sell.

It is not the drinkers that is the problem, it's the "losers" that ruin it for everyone else. I take my 7 and 8 yr old to about 10 games and have only seen one incident. There is always going to be that "one" person that takes it too far.That one person can ruin it for anyone.

That might be the craziest statement I've ever heard....just downright crazy!

I'm all for a DRY GAME if you're talking about NO RAIN.

ps - I appologize if someone has already made that joke... I have not read the thread replies.

Like onknight said they would never do this because they make a killing on beer sales.