Drunk guys on the 5th QTR

What is with every 3rd caller on the 5th qtr being smashed off their face? Does CHML screen their calls before they go on-air?

I was expecting a big clunk from the first caller passing out on-air Sat night / Sun morning...

During the first commercial break, CHML must have forgotten to turn off the mic as you could hear Ted Micheals commenting on how he had to cut off the first caller when on-air he had let the caller off easy.

Yep. We were discussing that in another thread, and you can click here to read what was said in that thread.

It does seem that CHML does not screen their calls. Or maybe that just want to provide some humourous moments like one that occurred last week. But then again, when Michaels heard how slurred that first caller's speech was, he did try to pressure that caller by saying there were many other calls he had to get to.

It was rather amusing, and I'l be sire to download the podcast of it when ever I'm able to.

It would have been a tough game to watch sober.

LOL! Try being a ticat fan!