Drunk Fan?

Anyone at the Rogers Centre tonight had to of seen that drunk fan standing on the field for a good 50 seconds before security noticed. Infact the friggen refs saw the fan there and had to blow the winstle so the play didn’t start. Unbelieveable. Secuirty at the Dome is just terrible. LOL, it was priceless though, to see that guy get drilled by the secuirty guard.

ha yah i was there…I took a picture!

were u sitting around the goaline where the argos entrance is??? caz i saw someone take a picture from down there…

i heard about this on the radio…the announcers saw him, and they were talking about him for a minute at least, heard he got drilled pretty good

okay, so which of the regular argo posters hasnt shown up tonight.

Drunk…or just an idiot? Life would have been so much easier for him if he hadn’t started to struggle.

BC Place has the worst security. Normally, the security guards just watch, until the fan passes out or gets bored. None of the security guys chase the idiots at BC Place. One year a player had to tackle a drunk ( I think it may have been Scott Diebert of Calgary) and 7 or 8 years ago, I beleive a ref tackled one.

I’ve been to many Lions games under the dome… and it all depends on who the security guards for the night are or something… cuz yes some nights they stand there and watch them run… but i’ve seen a few guards over the years put a good hit on some of those fans as well.

No I was sitting opposite to where the argos entered… man P.S. high fives to the argos for that faked kick…man that was awesome! it honestly made my day