DrummingGod's PROLINE picks *week 20*

her ya go, heres a freebee...hope u take advantage of this little tidbit.

game no.16 Toronto to beat Ottawa by 8 points or more...pick V+ ( odds on 8 point+ win, 2.6 )

GAME NO. 17 Sask. to beat BC ( will be close )....pick V ( odds of sask win by 4 points or more, 5.2 )

game no.18 Edmonton to beat Calgary ( close game )...pick V ( odds of edmonton win by 4 points or more, 2.5 )

so fill out your card as follows:

game 16 : V+
game 17 V
game 18 V

a $6.00 bet pays $202.80.....the bet, pretty much comes down to sask vs BC ....last time they met, sask won by 9 points IN BC PLACE ( this weekend is ALSO at BC place )....first time BC won by 4 points...so i'd say sask. has a good chance at the win...but proline gave that game 5.2 to 1.9 ...i like those odds

so click this link and fill out the card as ive explained, u will see how $6 can make u $200+:


don't spend it all in one place!

On a $3 dollar bet?
I don’t think so!!!
Show the odds!!!

Yep I did the math.
It would come to around $132.00.
1.75 for Montreal and Toronto.
6.15(Around that) for Saskatchewan.
2.60 for Edmonton!!
Times all those all together,and then times by 3.

i bet $20 to pay $1690....but then montreal blew it ( damn ted white ).....so i made a $6 bet today, on my 3 remaining picks, then edited my original posts.

c'mon saskatchewan!!!!

Beware the Proline!

Your logic seems reasonable enough dg, but remember that a 'win' in Proline for football is by 4pts or more, not just 1. Any game where the score difference is 3pts or less is considered a tie.

if u go to the proline website and enter the picks, u can choose the amount u want to bet and it will show u the payout

thanks for the heads-up, horus.

Good job D god. Hey that rhymed!

anyone else playin these?....just curious?

damn montreal...all week the DON said he'd play his regular starters.......then he plays ted white....assoon as i saw him, i knew my chances had gone down hill.


Damn!!! Knew i should have chk'd this site out earlier.

Going against drummer's easy money. Send out your picks
earlier next time. LOL

ok....and did anyone know the don would throw in ted white after sayin he wouldn't all week????......

There are plenty of good and bad tips about sports, but no one can always be certain. Most people have more success with single bets instead of parlays. Usually, online sportsbooks have better odds and selections than government sports gambling.

Is anyone here beating pro line consistently and making some good cash while doing it? how about you guys who are smokin the VGCC standings? have any of you been able to parlay your talents in the pool to consistent cold hard cash?

Drumming god is no proline god. Im 2 for 2 picking against
the god.

You going to edit your original post again???? LOL

torontos official website said that damon allen would get playing time...i've been lied to twice.

like u woulda picked differently....hind-sight is 20/20

CONCLUSIVE PROOF, druming_god is an Argos fan

cuz i was upset about montreal losing???..hahahahaha

You know what those 3 periods are there to replace, ooooooooosssssssss

hahaha....i will be cheering for them at the east final, fursure.

but if the lions make it to the grey cup, i will cheer for them.