Maybe this has been covered somewhere else on the forum but whaterver happened to our drumline we had at IWS?
No room for them at THF? Funding? No interest? Just wondering. thanks

I heard from someone involved in that group that they were treated very poorly by the Ti-Cat organization.

Thanks, Doesn't surprise me though, they seem to less and less prominent as IWS wound down. Some stadium have very active drum corps that add to the atmosphere of the game. Guess that's not us?

They were jerked around a lot during their last year. Promised stuff that never happened. Were put down in the end zone when their seats were needed for large crowds. It was all give and very little received.

Very unfortunate. With all the dialogue on this forum about making lots of noise, you'd think a drum corp with horns would be a great addition to the regular fan noise. Just imagine, base drums beating out "WHOSE HOUSE--OUR HOUSE!" in rythmn and horns sounding out the "CHARGE" theme. Would definitely be an extra plus in my opinion.

Partial quote from ExPat Nov. 21

What options does that leave us? Is stadium security actually strict about enforcing these rules?

I will note that Argo games at SkyDome feature an entire drum corps making noise when the opposing offence is calling its plays. (Good thing they're 50 yards from the field of play)

To be honest, in pro ball these have always seemed hokey and commercial to me. In pro ball they're created out of thin air to add to the atmosphere, ie, its just an attempt at marketing.

In college ball its different. A college is much more than the football team, the band exists without football, the football team represents the whole community/system. Bringing the band along is natural and has become a special part of the culture of college football. Not so in pro football.

From 1950 until recent years, a band with a drumline had been an integral part of every home game in Hamilton.

I thought that this added to the excitement of each game and looked forward to hand clapping and foot stomping

as they played their inspiring music. This may help to explain why the Ticats were usually winner in those great days.

Please; bring them back and arrange to have them seated in a central part of the stadium. :thup:

George Houselander directed them for years. He also taught music at Central Secondary. This man really knew

his stuff and made it work for all of us.

X10 :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

.,.George Houselander directed them

Holy Shmoly, thats a name from the past. He was a elderly man when he taught me at Westdale in the early '70's. I remember the Ticat band playing in front of the west endzone in front of the, I believe, Oskie or Oscar weiner winners. Your right, that was football tradition. :smiley:

The most recent drumline(Impact Percussion) has done a lot of work with High School drumlines in Hamilton and Burlington. Their Director, Corey Pearce, should be commended for his countless hours volunteering and turning on high school kids to drumline

All that said, the Tigercat band is on the legacy Wall.