Drug test the coach!!!!

Is someone going to drug test Berry after tonight or what. There is stupid and then there is what I saw in the 4th quarter tonight. Makes me sick! I am so glad he was able to great Pinball with a big smile on his face, what a joke!!!![/b]

...shades of ....oh my gawd...Daley....what a brutal performance to end that one......a gift for the Argos.....if i see any of those back-ups in blueandgold again...i'll puke....horrible coaching decisions to boot...this team has gone from a winner to...a team that will stuggle to beat Hamilton....el stinko....bloody disgrace...and bullshi$....i could have called a better bloody play to end that one ...there that feels better......

oh one more thing....that call on the equipment manager of the Argos....to Johnson for taunting...has to rank amongst one of the worst calls in pro ball i have ever seen.....in fact i don't even believe it was legal....horshi$....that otta' really fill the stadium for the next one..... :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

it all started when we didnt get that first down on the 3rd and 1. Why would you even think of handing it off to a guy thats 160 pounds? guys can pick him up with one arm, especially if they know were gunna run. A qb sneak would give us alot better chance of getting the first down. All we needed those 3 drives was one field goal which wud have out us up by 8, but we fumble, and turnover the ball twice! I say the play caller should be fired for sure, stupidity lost us the game on that one.

....Charlie would have made that first down if not for the fact he ran into one of our o line guys that pretty well stuffed it.....we still could have won that game regardles....pea-poor play calling in the last minutes cost us that one....someone is going to get their arse in a sling for this loss.... :thdn:

Hope so...papazoola...

I agree with you. For the past few years I've wondered why they rarely used the fullback/QB to do the 1 yarders. Roberts is not big enough when the all the big guys are in there. The QB should be able to keep it, follow the push and get the yard almost every time.

It was about a foot more than a yard, which when the defense knows your running, they have the advantage. A CFL QB can usually get a yard by falling but any more its definetly risky. However, that was just the start of some of the worst coaching I've seen. The Argonauts can't stop the run and they throw for the endzone with plenty time left? Maybe thats Quinns fault because the bombers still get a chance and they go 3rd string? Maybe u guys can give me some insight because the Argos handed the game right to them and I'm not impressed with their effort either.

You guys dont know how good you got it. Try being a Ticat Fan.

I watched the game impartially. My observations.

The TD throw was there. Brazelle was open the ball was under thrown. A bad play call. Maybe not with a good pass.

The taunting call. Of course. Johnson was heading up the the argo bench ranting and raving. Dont pay attention to what those TSN announces had to say. God, they went on so much about the play we actually missed the first down play of the bombers. Yes Johnson was ranting too much and yes he deserved the penalty.

The move to put in your third string QB at the end of a tight game. Now that was a bonehead move.