Dropped passes

Is it just me...or does it seem like certain teams ALWAYS have trouble hanging on to passes they should catch?

For the last three years...one or two moron receivers on the Tiger Cats drops a catchable ball at least once per game. Yeast (now history), and Flick do it all the time. 2 or 3 three big plays get screwed up because they fail to haul in a pass.

Same with the Stamps...Copeland is supposedly a great receiver...but he drops 1 of every 4 passes that comes his way. Same with Thurmon. Aren't these guys supposed to be pros??

You hardly ever see Geroy Simon, or Jason Tucker, or Milt Stegall or Ben Cahoon drop a football...and you'd think, as a receiver in any league, that catching the ball would be the easiest of your duties on the field. Sure, getting smacked when you're up in the air is gonna break up a play a lot of times...but for God's sake, don't drop a pass in the endzone when there's nobody around.

Drives me crazy...

I never dropped a ball....it was always some unseen presence that knocked it out of my hands, Whadayagonnado??? :lol:

Not sure I would agree with the Copeland statement. I know he missed 2 big ones back to back in Regina, but I look at that as more of an anomaly sent from the heavens =) I haven’t watched all Stamps games this year, but I thought he was pretty sure handed.

Go Riders!!

Sometimes, some QBs dont know how to put the proper touch on the ball. Others tend to throw a more awkward ball. Of course, the best recievers catch everything, but, dare I say it, most of them are in the NFL. Note, I only said MOST