Dropped Passes

Or should it be like in baseball, where a player can reach base on error?

Kind of like when a qb gets credited for an interception when the ball bounced off of a receiver’s hands

I say yes for 2 reasons…
1 - it tinkers with years of stats comparisons. I think about how much the completion percentages went up when PI was called for looking at someone wrong…this is just another discrepancy to scew a pretty important historical stat.

2 - Who defines drops? It is subjective. Sully and I were just talking about this in another thread…about how it would be great if they returned Pressures to the stats pack, and even drops. They removed because it is subjective and hard to keep consistent. What defines a drop? It has always been said if you can touch it then it was a catchable ball…but really, if a player stretches out and gets fingertips on it is that on him or the QB? What if it is a Bridge like pass where the QB and throws a 6 yard crossing route at the player’s head or even worse trailing at 64mph? They are going to get a hand on that ball…highly unlikely they are catching it.

Drops are not just on the WR…some are, sure…not all. A very qualitative stat should not be effecting one that is pretty black and white…complete/incomplete.

How about just adding a couple of columns to the statistics jungle chart? 1. incompletions, 2. incompletions not my fault, 3. net incompletion rate.

They could get the guy who defines errors in baseball

That's funny. It's a little different when every catch is uncontested, they let you wear a glove that is many times bigger than the ball you are catching, and any player who dives for a ball automatically makes the highlight reel for a spectacular effort.

What does any of that have to do with deciding whether its a hit or an error?

Fewer variables affecting the play in baseball. Much simpler decision.

No they are different, not fewer

I don’t see the connection between a dropped pass and reaching on an error

An error does not help your batting average, it hurts it

An error doesn’t hurt your batting average, the ‘at bat’ isn’t counted.

Yes it is counted
Walks, Sacrifice bunts, Sacrifice fly and hit by pitch are not counted. But in my opinion a Sac fly should

Errors and fielder’s choice are counted as an at bat

And just for added info

If a base runner is hit by the batted ball…The base runner is out and the batter is given a hit

But with all that said

Scoring(stats) in baseball is far more subjective than football. And they have stats for everything

The error was mine. lol. Thanks