drop kicks

i was reading the drop kick question and am really impressed with the half assed answer given.

if you are going to bother answering a question do it right please. yes no type answers are not usually what people are looking for. useful additional info would seem to include when by whom and possibly also add when the last successful drop kick was made and by whom and from where if that info is known.

anyone know the rest of the story on this one.

Could they be refering to when McCallum just turned around and kicked it, vs Calgary?

no that was a botched punt. no one is so dense as to mistake that as a drop kick

hilarious thread ! :lol:

I remember Jan Carinci of the Argos making a drop kick sometime in the '80s

any idea where he kicked it from? i still have difficulty justifying a time when it would be wise to attempt this kick unless it is at the end of a game/half(no time left) after a big reception and there is no way you will get to the endzone. maybe i am missing something but this is probably why we haven't seen it in twenty years.

As I recall, I believe it was at the end of the first half after a pass over the middle, he was at the 25 or something with no chance to make it into the endzone, so he drop kicked it. The damndest thing I ever saw. Or did I just dream that I saw it? Someone help me out here.

Well, maybe when you are trailing by a freakin' lot of points, need to act fast and stand at 3rd and 25 at your opponent 50 yard line, you may try to get a pass 15-20 yards downfield and get your receiver to score 3 points if he can't get the first down. Of course, you need to be pretty desperate to go for it on 3rd and 25...

Oh! Here's another situation (and a much more plausible one). You are in your opponent's territory and chose to go for it on 3rd and short. Then there's a fumble and one of your guys recover the ball a few yards back. In such situation, you have no time to start looking for a receiver, because your opponents were running for the fumble too and are closing on you. So, WHAM, just friggin' drop the ball and wish you split the uprights. Three points are better than a turnover on downs.

Yeah, what game was it?

In an unrelated story, I successfully converted a dropkick during a game with my football group. It confused many people.

Great. Did you confuse the refs?

No, just the players (we have no refs - we gather at lunch between classes and beat each other up) :wink:

Also, one of the friends I play with reminded me of the CFL's dropkick culprit. He says that it was Duncan O'Mahony who tried to do a dropkick. Maybe that helps.