Drop exhibition games

I need a heavy hitter to get on board with me and convince the CFL that exhibition games are redundant and nothing more than a cash grab and easy money.

Years ago the main job was working in the department store selling appliances or some such and the side job was football. Training camp was about getting in shape and building a team.

Now we hear that it’s not a six month season anymore but a year round job to stay game ready and the corresponding requirement to be paid as such. No problem with that.

Toss in the lame 4th string lineups the teams are showing up with and the full price ticket the season ticket holder has been required to buy with the package. Excuses of not wanting to risk injury in a meaningless game means you get to watch someone play the only game of CFL football they will ever play before being cut the following Tuesday.

Teams know who they are going to play well before it comes to exhibition games.

I say play whoever you want but there’s two points on the line. Might actually be a really good idea given the current CBA issues and timeline.

Just a thought.

An intriguing idea! I think the exhibition games still serve a purpose in evaluating players, but I don't agree with charging full price for tickets to watch backups. Also, one or two exhibition games should be plenty. No need to drag out the pre-season.

I’ve written before that exhibition games should count for 1 point
Games until labour day count for 2 points and the games from labour day weekend on should count for 3 points.

Now, this would be shaking things up.

I say, no way. they need these games to help evaluate the players. The purpose of these games is not to just win them.

I still see Ex games as valuable. We have no idea who has made the team if they are on the bubble and must show something in an ex game. I DO know that Mike Reilly made the Lions because he played well in his last quarter played in his Ex game in in second year. Both he and Wally have acknowledged this. And Wally told him so before he was assigned the quarter-this was in his second year as 3rd string.

I sure wouldn’t put more value on games post Labor Day. The East in particular only seem to use reg season as a practice schedule as it stands now. They seem to play to win only 8-9 games now which drags the CFL down as a whole.

By making them count for a point, at least they would be treated as a game. Right now they are robbing season ticket holders forcing them to pay for scrimmage practices.

Just think of season tickets as 1 price for all the regular season games and playoff game. The pre-season is a throw in.

Nobody is forcing anybody to do anything. Nobody buys ST in order to watch ex games.

If those games counted for a single point the fans would only be partially robbed. And happier?

If that were the case, Eastern teams would be able to afford going out West to play an exhibition game. After Jim Popp complained of the high cost (about $250,000) a few years ago, cross-country pre-season games are no longer scheduled.

All good points.

How does it make any difference to the expense of the travel be it pre season or not.

I think Popp complained because the exhibition game had no relevance.

Leads into a discussion about scheduling but as the O.P. mentioned no one buys tickets because of the exhibition games. Same excuse south of the border. Preseason who cares.

Could do a " No dress rehearsal, this is our life" promo.

If they ever move the schedule forward enough to mid or early May start I can see training camp and the exhibition games down south in April .

The eastern teams in Florida and the western in Arizona .

There’s a few complexes that could house them and have a few seats for any fans who go south or locals .

or maybe even Mexico with the CFL 2.0 .

no body is being forced to pay. however, I liked going to practice games. heck, I liked going to practices

Mexico for training camp…I like that idea!
MLB does it with spring training in Florida and Arizona, and it creates tons of fans. As a former resident of Fort Myers, I became a Twins fan just because they trained there, and I could catch a few games.

hahaha...I LOVE to go to training camp for a day FYB.
You live in BC...have you ever gone to TRU in Kamloops to watch? It's terrific. Great views, nice restaurants before or after. Very fun way to spend a day actually...wonderful roadie for you.

No disrespect but how did you like going to the games that counted? Practice is still there.

One of the original points was that the players no longer use training camp to get into shape and are physically ready to go from day one give or take a few oddballs here and there. Agree that the evaluation process would be initially challenged but "winners win and losers lose" is what we were told

Something on the line makes it more interesting. Better for the fans is better for the league.

This simply isn't true. They have a pretty good idea....but there are always surprises and more importantly, they players that are fighting for spots behind starters are far from determined. Those depth guys (who might become starters in time) are very much in question before these games. Every team has a handful of players that win and lose jobs in these games.

Also...it is my understanding that most teams throw in the preseasons for free for ST holders.

I say, no way. They need these games to help evaluate the players. The purpose of these games is not to just win them.
Well said. I like seeing younger players trying out. No exhibition games is just stupid. How else will Halifax get a game or two over the next 20 years?

You fellers just need to start playing some dadgum CFL games. My Jackets are already out of the NHL Playoffs. My Cavs didn’t even make it to the NBA Playoffs. Ready to go!

no love for the IPL? Been some hella tight games and the final is tomorrow :smiley:

The Kings are defending their crown against the Indians