Drisan James

Drisan James..great speed, great college career, can catch the ball (only when he know's he's not going to get hit), great all round guy but he does not have the "grapes" to make a catch in traffic. He's dropped numerous balls and has been given numerous chances but his probation time is up. I'd rather have Clark or Bauman in there. :cowboy:

James sure does have a case of the dropsies this yr.

Clark who? .....Clark Kent. Let me know when there is a Clark on the roster.

Joe Clark would probably be an improvement!

[url=http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2010/07/ticats-cut-wr-drisan-james-source-.html]http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2010/ ... urce-.html[/url]

He might be released already!

Interesting. Did anyone else think he made no effort to catch the long pass into the end zone Thursday night. It would have been a nice catch if he got it, but not an impossible catch.

The whole problem is Obie keeps looking at speed more than anything.Any other team judging a WR looks at CATCHING ABILITY!And this other unimportant thing called ROUTE RUNNING!
Can we PLEASE bring a player in that isn't inept? Please Obie? :roll:

I, and maybe alone on this, am sorry to see the club give up on him. Our 4th ranking receiver this year with the the team's best avg. gain per catch. I've compared him, here before, to another former Cat, who I thought was a much more obivious weakness on the team, when he was here, than James has been -- Kamau Incompleterson. I hope, somewhere soon James does find the handle like Kamau did. Too bad, in both cases, it didn't happen in the Hammer. The coaches must think Fish is the, everything considered, better of the two at this point.

I would agree, but Chis Davis was better. Yes, he also dropped a couple but not consistently like James. I don't know why atheletes find it so hard to play here. Bob should commision a study on the matter. It's a phenomena. Obviously on the surface, they're not doing something right. But who can succeed here with game plans like these coaches come up with? Guess I just saved Bob some money. There's your answer.

James been cut on Front page

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/article/tiger-cats-transactions-july-25]http://www.ticats.ca/article/tiger-cats ... ns-july-25[/url]

My guess the Cats Use Chris Bauman in his Spot
Chris did have the droppees last year but I am willing to give him a Shot.
He did have a Great camp.

My Choose would be Matt Carter who is on the Active roster or Reggie Fish off Practice Roster
Fish also give them a Return Threat.
That would allow us to give Thigpen more time in the Backfield to help Struggling running game

As usual, I hate cuts. He did his best for us and I wish him all the best.

Interesting idea there with Fish and Thiggy. I'd like to se them try that.

There is little doubt that the spot on the roster will be to activate Belton, move Rottier back inside, probably for Hudson. It will get interesting when Jiminez comes back, does he switch roster spots with Belton, or does another import come off the 46.

Now there is little incentive to bring Jiminez back before the 9 games expire, though. Could be good for him, as they won't rush him back now.

Once Jason is back My Guess is They Move Rottier back to Guard.
Sit Hudson even if he played well.
they use a Canadian WR and Make non Import Inactive on WR Core.

I don't like this cut, there are a bunch of people that should have been let go before him.

Why?Word's can't express how inconsistent this guy is.He was easily the worst WR we had and I covered my eyes everytime we threw to him because I knew there was about an %80 chance he was going to drop it.It doesn't matter who goes when, this release was long overdue and improves our offense big time.Yes there are still moves to be made, but this is a great start.

First off saying there was an 80% chance he was going to drop the ball just makes anything you say sound stupid... was he the worst wide receiver we had, possibly but that was his role the 5th guy with a ton of speed. It wont be a good start untill we drop both kickers, Cobb and the head coach n OC. After we do that it will be a great start.

Calling for that much blood this early is absolutely ridiculous.The way I see it, James going was a great move but Gibson still needs to go, Palardy needs to go and Cobb and DeAngelis need to get back on track which they will.Other than that, this team isn't half as bad as it showed in Montreal.Back to James.5th guy or not, fast or not, as a WR you're expected to catch on a regular basis and he just couldn't do that.There are plenty of other players out there that can play better than him so why hang onto him?LG was fast as hell but he still sucked.

Cobb has never been a good back, Last year he had a few good games and they were all because he hit a few huge holes and got big yards on those plays. as for Deangelis I really think he will rebound and start playing better but I still think he should be cut. Its not fair to the team to keep this guy around he lost us the Calgary game and if he hit those 2 field goals on friday the game could have been really different.

There's no arguing that Sandro cost us.Cutting him now is premature I think anyways.I wouldn't cut Cobb persay, but I wouldn't object to a trade.I understand Lavarus Giles is still available.Oh, and by the way Sandro was 2/3 on Friday night.