Drisan James

Drisan James
Should the Cats not be looking at someone to replace James who although he has great speed has had the propensity to drop easy balls over the past 2 seasons. he has dropped some easy catches . My humble opinion

If fish is healthy I think we might see him this week.

Mann will take he spot in Starting Lineup…
James will be a backup

James seems to be hot and cold. After his dreadful debut last season he started to really shine towards the end of the season. He made some fantastic catches in the playoff game against BC. They replayed the game on TSN a couple of weeks ago and James looked great. But he seems to have regressed a little bit with this weeks shaky performance.

I think all the recievers except Bruce and mcdaniels were hearing footsteps all game long. To me the peg players got in the cats head. Can't wait for the rematch, its gonna be a different game in our House!

I was absolutely STUNNED when I saw #11 on the field Friday. Never in my wildest imagination did I think James would be back on the team this year.

He might be great in practice, I don't know, but he can't hang onto the ball in a game situation.

He was dynamite in the pre-season, he was pulling one handers and leaping catches.I was expecting alot of him the year but it looks like it's back to square 1.

Sounds a lot like Chris Davis

James is a great player. He had a rough time his first game last season in Edmonton and then was solid for the rest of the year. You may recall he had over 100 yards in the playoff game against B.C.

He had a rough game on Friday and i expect he'll bounce back just like he did last season.

I recall he had ONE good game last year.

I wouldn't judge any of the receivers' performance based on that game. Because of the problems they were having on the Oline, the entire offence seemed hurried and nervous and for good reason. I don't think the play calling did anything to help the situation either. There's a reason we have plays where we use fullbacks and tight ends to help with protection and none of these were implemented. A good team will find a way to win, and this team didn't seem to look very hard during that game. I hope someone unsticks the pages of the playbook for the next game.

Everytime he got significant playing time he had over 50 yards receiving. He was very consistent after that first start and peaked at the end of the season.

It's easier to improve catching ability than it is to improve speed. He's certainly got the latter and showed a beautiful stride on the play in WPG that was ruled a fumble, then challenged, and overturned to incomplete. I hope they don't give up on him. I think be may be another Kamau Incompleterson, with great performances to come. Hope he's still a Ti-Cat when they do. Too bad Kamau wasn't.

IVE been to practice all week nd he looks great, game time is Saturday and im sure he will be in TOP form!

I just want to see some speed from the receivers. We dont seem to break the long one, or even have a long ball threat.

Agreed! that and balance and strength, Stala and Mcdaniel get almost no YAC yds ever because they go down at the slightest nudge.

you should probably do some research before you post again.

No i've seen both go down at the slightest nudge. Last game both did.

McDaniel had plenty of YAC (the use of 'yards' after YAC is somewhat redundant and unnecessary since YAC stands for Yards After Catch) on the one catch he had on Saturday. If he had that second gear he would have taken it to the house.

Stala has no speed, but he doesn't flop like an Italian soccer player as soon as someone hits him. He's a possession receiver, not a speed demon, but I've seen him take hits and keep going.

Speed is more of a problem (if you want to call it that) than balance and strength.

His supposed replacement (Mann) certainly didn't show anything Saturday that would get anybody excited. Maybe try Thigpen in James' spot for now.