Drisan James Last Drive Catch

I have to agree. Statistically Glenn and the receivers may have appeared to have a good game, but I really felt Glenn was a little off. He missed some open receivers a couple of times for some potentially big plays, and forced receivers to make great catches when they were wide open.

To me the big difference in this game was the difference in the number of second down conversions. We were not making them, and BC was even with Casey scrambling all over. If we put the ball in the endzone one more time, or get a little closer to the endzone when Setta missed a long fieldgoal, it could have been a different result.

I don't think that Porter should have been put in, and going back to the thread title, James made a great pas son that play, as did Stala in the endzone, McDaniel near mid-field on the last drive, and Bauman on third down on the last drive.



I'm sorry but this is ridiculous. All you Porter fan boys take a hike. Quit hijacking threads and making it into some kind of qb controversy. For the record, that issue has been answered. Coulda shoulda woulda - move on. Glenn threw for 430 yards and 2 TD. Get over it.

Only one reply about Drisan James who I think has become a very good receiver for us?

Why is it always Porter fans and Glen fans or QB A and QB B ? I want them both back , no QB can do it all over 18 games . Porter had some bad breaks along the way and lost some games he shouldnt of (not his fault ) and at times Glen did as well . If Porter is smart and wants to have a carreer as a QB in the CFL he will study film ,work with the receivers in the off season and come back and compete at training camp next season . Glen has experience on his side , Porter would be smart to watch ,listen and learn from the vet and use it to his advantage next season .

By the way , I think James will be a starter next season . Posters on here should be aware that not to long ago when he played in his first game he dropped a few passes and ALOT of the experts on here wanted to get rid of him after ONE game !!!!!

Couldn't have said it better myself.

The only thing I have to add is that Baumann also played well and what about Stala. Talk about clutch receiver. How did he not get our top canadian nomination?

That's ridiculous.
Cobb won those games for Porter and he wasn't even used this game...which is also ridiculous.

P.S. Great catch Drisan!

So what your saying is , Glen won all the games himself and the 150 plus yards that Cobb got against Winn. in the game that clinched the playoff spot was inconsiquential ??

What I’m saying is that Porter should not be starting. Period. And he should not have been put in against BC.
Are people forgetting that Glenn engineered the last minute touchdown and 2 point convert and almost pulled out an amazing comeback win?
If we had used Cobb more, especially in the red zone, we may have won.

I disagree about Cobb having a nose for the end zone. Dude gets stopped at the goal line a lot. I'm not sure if it's him or the way the offense is run, but our goal-line run game has been abysmal.

That's why Marcel opted to pass, and I agree with the decision.

Actually, you'd have to look at the #2 post in this thread to see who turned it into a QB discussion. (i.e. not a Porter fan boy)

But thanks for acting as self-appointed censor.

Im not saying Porter should be the starter next season , training camp will tell us that . But Glen had big games from Receivers and Running backs as well . Porter also had Cobb fumble at the wrong time , Receivers who dropped sure TD passes and missed Setta field goals . I also wonder what would of happened if Porter would of had Bruce here right from training camp and the 2 of them would of had time to gell and get to know how each other thinks .

Please, talk about not getting any respect. Glenn comes back to tie it with a 2 point conversion and send it into overtime, as well as throwing for over 400 yards. Come on. He should definitely be named the starter next year.
We lost because of abandoning the running game. In the red zone, we should have given it to Cobb...he has a nose for the end zone. We've seen it time and time again.
I disagree about Cobb having a nose for the end zone. Dude gets stopped at the goal line a lot. I'm not sure if it's him or the way the offense is run, but our goal-line run game has been abysmal.

That's why Marcel opted to pass, and I agree with the decision.
I'm not talking about the goal line. Cobb is not a power back.
I do recall many times inside the 20, were he got the ball and ran it in for a score.

Well said

Porter??????? The guy is a loser in ever sense of the word.
As a fan I won't waist another minute or dollar watching this excuse for a quarterback fumble another snap, take another hit, or drop another ball for the other team to get an easy score. He is the most nervous excuse for a quarterback I have ever seen. He is selfish and he is not a team player.
I don't even want him on the side lines next yr. with his pouty face.
The best thing that could happen to Porter is an off season trade for anyone we can get.
It is obvious the players on the team don't want him, he is arrogant and half the time he runs, he is in a panic. The recievers all seem to have trouble with his passes.
So whats the debate? He has more interceptions than touchdowns, more fumbles than the entire team.
When you come right down to it Quinton and Glenn both played about half a season.
Lets see, the only stats Porter leads in are running, interceptions, fumbles, and losses that should have been wins.
He had a third the touchdowns. Less than half the yds. throwing.

I got a call today from Chris from the ti-cats asking me if we were going to buy season tickets. I said that is up to you guys, and he said what did I mean. I replied I will not spend another dollar watching Quinton Porter throw away another game.
The experiment is over guys, Porter lost because he doesn't have what it takes.
Simple as that, you guys need to get over it.
If I were Glenn and I wasn't named starter next yr. I would move on to a team that wants a 9 yr. CFL vet. who is gonna win the Grey Cup for some lucky team.
Hamilton may have gott'in away with the rediculious experiment this yr. with Quinton. However if the same nonesense happens next yr. because Glenn is locked into a contract with Hamilton it will be his last yr in the city I gurantee it. I can assure you Glenn will not be sitting on the side lines the following yr.as a back up. He will be starting every gameas a starter for some team that wants to win the cup. You can take that to the bank!
Glenn plays so much like Calvillo, do we want to lose that quality of a player for the second time because one day Quinton might be half the quarter back Glenn is right now? The real difference between Glenn and Porter? Glenn is a leader.
Glenn has earned his keep. He wasn't named player of the month in Oct. for nothing. In my opinion he was MVP from Sept. to Nov. and without his strong arm and cool head, we would not have made the play offs.
Doc 8)

Wow, you just compared Glenn to Calvillo...

Yet you cannot stand Porter?

No wonder I never post here anymore.

This site is full of tools.

Porter, for all intents and purposes, is coming off of his rookie year.

Relax. No QB is dynamite out of the gate.

It takes time. Give the guy a chance to get better.

Look at guys like Calvillo and McManus. It took them a while to become the CFL legends they have become. You don't just discard someoen after a year, and QP wasn't that bad.

Is the the instant-gratification generation, or what?

No Captain you are right, he wasn't that bad. But he certainly was not as good as many here want to believe. He should be the backup next year. And he should play only when and if Glenn falters. That's how you bring along a second stringer -re McPherson.
With a couple of key additions, the Ticats can battle for the Grey Cup next year.

It's funny how everyone has different opinions of people.

For example, I happen to think you're a loser in every sense of the word, "Doc".

It's funny that people classify him as a loser but we forget that he led us to a 4-2 start. He kinda hit a rookie wall but his experience watching Glenn and with another training camp and preseason under his belt he will gain the necessary tools to be successful.

Well I’m no doctor but if the TiCats are ailing, it’s not at quarterback. Glenn,Porter,Tafralis, and Lightning Boltus at camp in 2010 is a prescription for success. Let them compete and the best quarterback will start. Tafralis and Boltus were both invited to the NFL Combine and scored highly. These guys can play! Some “fans” think they know more about football than the coaching staff and Obie. I guess no doctor will ever find a cure for that. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Pat Lynch( I am not a medical professional but I used to hang around the drug store alot.)

There is no QB contreversy here.

Fact, KG came in as starter, at a time when the Cats were in real danger of missing the playoffs. Fact, KG led the team to 3 almost must win victories, a couple of which were against very good teams. Fact, for whatever reason, many other facets of the Cat offense were alot better when KG was in. Fact, because the Offense was moving the ball effectively, the defense was spending a lot less time on the field so may of the defensive players were better rested and had a bit more spring in their step.

Next year, Glenn will get the edge at the starting QB s job...he has earned that. After that, whoever plays best will get the back up job....

See isnt coaching simple :slight_smile: :slight_smile: