Drisan James Last Drive Catch

I can't believe I forgot about this. I just saw it on the CFL.ca semis recap. Beautiful catch! It shows how much my head was in a daze on that drive. It was so surreal and I was nervous as heck. Seeing that was amazing. Perfect pass from Glenn and a hell of a catch by James. He was impressive all day on Sunday actually :thup: .

Funny, all of our recievers seem better with Glenn in at QB.
James, Bruce, McDaniels, Stala, and yes even whipping boy Bauman do better with KG.

Please, we didn't even get to see Porter in that playoff game. Glenn should have been pulled to start the 2nd Half (Porter would have been). Sure Glenn made up for it. He just isn't the QB most people think he is, and it makes me sick. If he comes into training camp as the starting QB I will be extremely disappointed.

Glenn takes a huge sack in Playoff OT and nobody gets upset.

Porter takes a huge sack in Regular Season OT, and EVERYONE rips him apart.

Ticat fans are a joke. Calvillo, Allen, Printers, now Porter possibly? Let's boo EVERY QB out of the city, that sounds like a great idea. :roll:

Great just what we need another thread about our qb’s!
Also Glenn was in the regulal season O.T loss to Toronto,so who was booing Porter then?

True enough but the guy makes a valid point. Glenn had the same chance to throw the ball away as Porter did in a similar situation. Kevin Glenn didn't lose this game the defense did

Brucefan was correct though, Porter didn't take the sack that game - for the life of me I don't know why I thought Porter played that game.

Nevertheless, Porter doesn't get a chance to play with a psyched-up playoff team, Glenn does, and ultimately blows it.

No Porter took a sack in regulation that put Setta (who would have missed anyway that day) well outside FG range in a last gasp effort to win a game that should have been over if not for the aforementioned Setta's incompetence that day

That makes sense, I knew I remembered it happening, I thought it was OT.

It wasn't in over time though,are you talking about the game in Calgary?

Playoff game

Glen = Veteran
Porter = inexperience

Nuff Said

Porter 2-0 vs BC
Glenn 0-1 vs BC

Nuff Said :lol:

Glenn takes a huge sack in Playoff OT and nobody gets upset.

Porter takes a huge sack in Regular Season OT, and EVERYONE rips him apart.

Glenn didn't have the time to even throw away the ball...

There is no way in h*ll that Porter would have brought us back twice from 10 points down to score on the final drive AND get the two point conversion. I hope that in the future he is the QB to do that but right now he isn't.

Glenn was the right choice for that game... He hit our receivers for over 430 yards for cryin' out loud and still some "fans" think Porter should have got the chance in the 3rd quarter after not seeing action during our last three wins????

Our defence allowed too many big plays - THAT my friends was the difference! Nothing else.

I am amazed that Porter even comes into this thread...

I think the point that you are missing is that if Porter was in the game and only had 6 points in the first half he would have been pulled as we was when Winnipeg was here early in the season.

We didn't move the ball for 2 1/2 quarters and it took a miracle at the end for us to win.

The sack did hurt us as it put us in 3rd and long which is what happened to Porter vs Calgary and he was torn a new one.

In the end, you take a 5 step drop and if you see the rush, get rid of the ball.

Like I said before. We have 2 good QBs. You name Glenn the starter now for next year and you put Porter in when he stumbles. What is wrong with that?

Like I said before. We have 2 good QBs. You name Glenn the starter now for next year and you put Porter in when he stumbles. What is wrong with that?
Nothing... Agreed.

Even after scoring 6 in the first half I still have more faith in Glenn finding his game versus Porter coming in stone cold after seeing no action during our previous three straight wins.

Comparing Kevin and Quinton's bodies of work
this year, IMO, Kevin deserves to start next year.

Kevin wons hands down over Porter at last year's Training Camp.

If he does it again I hope he starts on opening day this year

He should, unless, in the pursuit of season ticket sales

management appeases the not-too-savvy vocal fans again.

  1. No way

  2. Glenn's knee never hit the turf. If you watch the play in slow motion as I did on the PVR he gets the ball to Cobb JUST before he hits the ground.

  3. To suggest Porter would have done anything different throwing 51 passes and having no running game is laughable. The stats dont lie, Porter almost cost us our chance at a home playoff game with that sack against Calgary and masterful performance against Winnipeg, Glenn brought us back from that... and in the process threw for over 1700 yards in 5 games. He was clearly the better quarterback this year.

More importantly, are you suggesting that based on this season, you want to see Porter as our #1 QB next year? Cause i gather that from your training camp statement.

PS. Porter got pulled at halftimes because generally he fumbled the football away. Glenn didnt do that. Marcel said it himself... if you turn the ball over, you're sitting down.

Russ,I think you have another thread for your repository lol

Please, talk about not getting any respect. Glenn comes back to tie it with a 2 point conversion and send it into overtime, as well as throwing for over 400 yards. Come on. He should definitely be named the starter next year.
We lost because of abandoning the running game. In the red zone, we should have given it to Cobb…he has a nose for the end zone. We’ve seen it time and time again.

I'm not going to even get into this discussion accept to say that if Porter starts next year, we will have another mediocre year and have to fight like heck just to get into the playoffs.
If there are any changes in the QB position, it should be Tafralis to number 2 and Porter to Number 3.

Glenn played a near-perfect game - if you measure perfection as follows:

  • only count the last two minutes; or,
  • only evaluate performance between the 20-yard lines

If, on the other hand, you are looking for your team to score more than one TD in the first 59 minutes, I would rate the QB's performance a little lower.

400-plus yards of passing is wonderful. But we couldn't finish drives for most of the game. Had any one of those five field goal attempts been converted into TDs, we might be talking about the Montreal game right now instead of looking back wistfully at a great finish to a sloppy game.

I am not trying to say that Porter could have done better, should start next year, etc. Just that I was less impressed than a lot of people seemed to be with Glenn's performance. Printers made something out of nothing for most of the game and continually got his team out of trouble. Glenn, not so much.