Drinking In the Family Section

I have a concern to express. Sections 30 and 30A are supposed to be alcohol free. There is supposed to be absolutely NO consumption of alcohol in those sections. However, each and every game I see people blatently drinking beer to the point of intoxication.

This past game, one of the CAT team members actually did try to stop one gentleman, which was greatly appreciated. However, they simply let the man move over to section 29 into other seats. Now, with it not being a complete sell-out, this didn't really inconvenience anyone. However, at a game where there was a sell-out, what would be done about this man??

Most of us who have seats in the family section are there because we want to be away from the people who get obnoxiously drunk. Can't there be some REAL enforcement of this rule? Just letting the guy move across the aisle and sit in a (more expensive) seat he didn't pay for isn't really enforcing the rule, it's rewarding him for breaking the rule.

I was sitting Section 30 Row J Seat 7, right above the man who was asked to move over to finish his beer in section 29. It was still 40 minutes to kickoff. I got the impression that the staff member was trying to avoid confrontation, and since it was so early in the night and the stadium was only 1/2 full, at that point it was his way of trying to make eveyone happy.
I have seen people during the game in section 30 last year being asked to finish their drink downstairs. The only problem with that is that the man would most likely chug the beer and come right back to his seat.
My wife and I bought Flex pack tickets in section 30 so we could avoid drunk people as well.
For the most part most people (99%) seem to follow the rule.

Saw this also, Cait. I think many people bought the Family Section seats because they are a steal price-wise.

When they converted Section 30A to Family the price dropped $100. I was estatic!

Now, for me it was sweet because I don't drink at the games anyway. I thought no more drunks, cheap seats, freebies thrown up...what else can you ask for?

I would suspect the gentleman would've had to go to the concourse to finish his drink had the stadium been full.

But, you have a genuine beef re his getting rewarded for breaking the rule.

But, believe me this particular fan (if we are talking about the same one) is a bit obnoxious. So, you might've been better off, my friend!

I sit in Sec 26, but the guy who sits next to me has a brother in Sec 30.

Throughout the last game (Calgary) the two brothers were conversing and sending messages to one another via their Blackberries. The brother in Sec 30 who had a couple of kids with him was complaining that the guys directly behind him and his kids were drunk and using a lot of profanity.

I'll say to you the same thing I said to them: "Go to Security and report the incident". If Security fails to react, find a police officer, but don't sit there in agony for 3 or 4 hours wondering what your kids are going to be exposed to next.

We all need to react in a positive way to these folks who make the game day experience unpleasant.

Find a police officer is exactly right. Public intoxication is a no-no. Not to mention breaking stadium rules. If they're hammered, they will get taken to the gate.

I try and spend a bit of time in the family section at each game. I'll sit down and talk with the ticket holders and ask them how the section is and so far I have had a very positive response.

I encourage any ticket holder in the family section to always report any behaviour that is not welcomed to a CAT team memeber.

Well Guys, I believe you go to security.... but i had an incident last year not in Hamilton but in BC... where I sat with my uncke in the non- alcoholic section at BC Place and there were at least 20 people really drunk and heckling us.... I went to security and the police on at least 10 occasion during the game.... NOTHING was done.... I say announce it before the game.... and keep police in the section to watch the people.... but of course that would be too easy... it has become a joke and I think it is sick that they allow this.... KICK THEM OUT


Family section is great. No complaints here. It's a wonderful initiative and my experience in 30A has been very, very good the last three years!