Dribble Kick

Like it or don’t like it? Or you like it but rather have some modification (like the kick has to travel at least to the first down to gain marker for it to be recovered by the kicker?)

I think it’s a cheap way to get a 1st down.

Don’t like it at all. Goes against the spirit of the rule of recovering your own punt in my view.


How so?
This means that the D will no longer be able to play deep and give the offence 15 yards


It’s in the rules, it’s a fun play, it only comes up in specific down and distance situations, it’s harder to do than it looks, and it reminds us of the sport’s roots in rugby. I like it. No issues.


I’m somewhat torn here. I could live with no changes.

All the same, I do agree with your suggestion for modification of the rule and that also would be the ONLY modification with which I would agree.

Also if the yardage for a first down is not gained but the kick is attempted on first down or second down, the offence retains possession with the yards gained just like now.

In the end, however an offence gains yardage, first down yardage would have to be gained so as to retain possession unless the kick team pulls off a rare onside kick recovery or fields a kick after an opposing player muffs or touches the kicked ball.

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By definition, the player “kicking” the ball over the line of scrimmage is onside.


As I have said in every game thread this has happened, I hate it. A bush league parlour trick. Relatively easy to do as we saw tonight. Great reward for nothing. The defense has forced the offense into a long yardage situation and should be rewarded rather than foiled by smoke and mirrors. Where are those that support the rouge and the earning field position arguments I always hear about? Nothing earned here.

Pure sandlot. Not a football play. Reminds me of snakes and ladders.


Also tonight’s dribble Kick barely made the line of scrimmage and was a deflection of his foot more than a kick. They should have some definitions in place for what constitutes a punt or even a kick.

Again, the integrity of the game is sacrificed with these kinds of plays. Not a legitimate way to earn a first down.

If you punt the ball (a kick that has a certain velocity or height - it has to be defined) past the first down marker I’m okay with the punter or onside players recovering the ball. What we see with the dribble kick is taking advantage of the spirit of the rule. Shouldn’t be allowed.


How is it taking advantage of the spirit of the rule. And how can you disallow it when it is within the rules?


I’m thinking we might have to change this rule in the near future to something like, “The ball must travel at least (fill in the blank) yards past the line of scrimmage to be considered a punt that can be recovered by the kicking team.”

Cue the ‘Dribble Kick Distance Poll’:

  • The dribble kick must travel at least 1 yard past the line of scrimmage.
  • Make that 2 yards past the line of scrimmage.
  • How about 5 yards past the line of scrimmage?
  • 10 yards. Make it the same distance as an onside kick.
  • LEAVE IT ALONE (the dribble kick is perfect just the way it is now).
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To me it’s a great way to take advantage of defences playing a mile deep on second and long. You want to vacate the short and low intermediate part of the field? Be careful. :smiley:


According to this definition (first one) I wouldn’t even count the dribble kick that happened in the Hamilton/Montreal game as a punt. Dropping or deflecting a ball onto the foot area is not really the same as how they define a punt here.

Also there’s a section on a “dribbled ball” but it applies to loose balls, not one that is in control. But interestingly, it has rules around how it can be recovered. However I wouldn’t say what happened in last night’s game and previous games were loose balls that were not in anyone’s control. So it’s a strange definition and set of rules that apply.

Article 4 — Punt

A punt is made by letting the ball fall from the hands and kicking it with the foot before it touches the ground.

How is that not what happened?

I may be mistaken but the only person calling this a dribbled kick is the OP This was a punt that followed the rules of the game

If the Defense is going to hang back with the intention that they will give 15-19 and stop the first down, then this is the perfect play


I actually love this rule that I learned about only this year. I love the things that make the CFL different.
I would be on board with amending it to a longer distance, though.


This was not a dribble kick. The two are distinct. This was a punt.


And I would say that if you want the defence to play closer to the ball then don’t put yourself into second and long. You are again being rewarded for failure or at least given a gimmick to get around your failure rather than having to make a first down the old fashioned way, by earning it.

What amazes me is how they get the windmill off the field so quickly. In mini golf the windmill is always stationary.


Are you kidding?

Yes I am being rewarded because YOU failed to defend against the play…And how exactly was the first down not earned?
Its a legal play in the rule book

If you dont want me to get a first down, them stop me from getting a first down rather than changing the rules every time your opponent achieves something…earn your change of possession


You keep repeating that it is in the rules although no one is arguing otherwise.

The point is that it is a stupid gimmicky rule that needs to go.


There is nothing wrong with the rule and no reason for it to go!
Learn to defend against it!

If you want to know what is stupid gimmicky and sandlot
Its that desperation lateral the ball 25 times at the end of the game…that is sandlot and needs to go…

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No it doesn’t. That is perfectly part of the game. The laterals you are referring to as well as a Hail Mary are generally only used at the end of a half or a game when there is no other hope of scoring. They are low percentage stupid plays that can be used at any time but aren’t for good reason.

The high percentage 6 inch dribble “punt” like the one we saw yesterday can be used anytime as a gimmick to extricate a team from say a second and long that they put themselves into. I would have no problem if they tried multiple laterals or a Hail Mary to extricate themselves from the spot they got themselves into, but using an illusionist’s carnival trick shouldn’t be permitted.

It’s not a football play unlike the other ones I referred to. Hell it’s not even a soccer or rugby play as far as I am aware. Pure Snakes and Ladders.


It has been tried 4 times in the last 2 years…it worked twice
50 % is hardly high percentage.

So all the D has to do is learn to defend against it

And its not a dribble

And that is why, to me they are sandlot