Drew's article on Kevin Glenn is up


Nice to have a sneak peek inside the life of KG.He needs a Ticat grey cup ring asap :thup:

Good read.

Wow ! Nice job. Like reading an article from Herb but with genuine interest in the person being featured.


Edwards was too diplomatic. Should have spelled it out plainly. Glenn was thrown under the bus and run over in WPG. Scapegoated for managment failures alongside hatchet jobs from the WPG press and typical Bomber fans slapping their flippers together in agreement like trained seals.


Thanks for posting it! :thup:

Those last few lines of the article were incredible. I hope everything is coming together for Glenn right now too. He's in that sweet spot where physically he is only just starting to lose a step, but mentally he's just finishing mastering his understanding of everything. The next 2-3 years of Glenn's career could be golden.

Great article, I really enjoyed it

Glenn getting a ring before WPG (two decades and counting). How sweet would that be.

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Drew's Pod Cast he Drives around with Glen in Detorit

Very well said, ILH! I agree, and hope we're right.

Good work Drew.
Nice look at Kevin Glenn.

Agreed, and as an added bonus, the article is fairly well-written. Not something you tend to see with Herb.

Well stated...and I agree :thup: