Drew Willy

I sure like the way he looks in there. And the Bombers of all teams are really playing a downfield game. They are very entertaining.

No, you can't have him! :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha...I'm very happy he's in the Peg. You deserve him. and vice versa.

....Drew Willy....FOR REAL... :wink:

Watching him in preseason play in Regina you could tell he was good. Never understood why he was never given a chance when Durant was hurt or struggling. The experts here in the media laughed at the thought. He is good too bad he plays in Winnipeg. Must hurt bomber fans that he came from Sasky :lol:

Au contraire, I'm happy to take a great player from Sask :slight_smile:

But he did have reg season play in sask, if I remember his first CFL game he ROASTED us. He played great during that as well, so I'm baffled too why nobody thought to put him in when Durant was struggling. To be fair, it's not often Durant struggles, guy is a beast. I remember being in the stands for Lulays first CFL debut as well, didn't work out well for the WBB.

Anyways, SSK has Will Ford, who I hope will contribute greatly. There just wasn't room for him after the emergence of Grigsby and he deserved a release and a new place to play when healthy.

Don’t care that he came from Sask either. U guys took Labatte from us, bout time we took something back. We tried to be good neighbours and sent you Etienne but for some reason you cut him :? :lol:

Looks like Michael Jackson out there. :lol:

Seriously, though, has played a lot better than i would have ever thought.

I’m so glad we didn’t end up with Burris.

Agreed. Second coming of Sean Salisbury?

Heck of a QB, good natural ability. I think he fits in well with the package designed in Winnipeg by Mike O'Shea and Marcel B and certainly is a creating a winning change over last year, good to see the Bombers back with a competitive team again!

I think its a little early for that comparison just yet :o
Now if the Bombers are in the big game in Vancouver come November then....

sean Salisbury?

you want to compare him to a previous good wpg qb and sean is the best you can come up with???

free wirry


every time I hear Drew Willy It reminds of the late great John Pinette's act.

It is a strange comparison considering Salisbury was an unremarkable middle-of-the-road QB who played in the CFL for just 2 seasons.

unless poster Cool meant that Willy could win a Grey Cup in his first year as starter as Salisbury did with the Bombers in 1988. (although it was the stringent Bomber defense that carried the team)

arggg, did you have to mention 88.

since I started watching in 66, both 88 and 76 have been my two worst grey cup games. yeah for sure, sean didn't win that won.

Matt Dunigan did not play well in 88 final. Winnipeg's 87 team was much better than the 88 squad.