Drew Willy

Congrats to ex Rider Willy for three wins in three games as a 1st string QB. Throwing good balls and making good decisions.

For two years no one gave him a chance to play here, even when DD had a bad game. I believe in a two QB system, as The starting QB will have bad games so put in the backup if he is capable. The phone in shows on the radio including the show hosts would lose it whenever anyone suggested the switch. Would never listen to the logic. Remember Austin and Burgess?

Glad to see him get a chance to play. I've always been impressed with him progressing thru his reads if given the time. Also adjusted well to a new system and receivers over in the peg. Would have been smart last year to play him and let us see how well he could do if DD got hurt. Compare both QBs with the same first team of receivers, perhaps we would not have let him leave? Each of the last two years DD played hurt in the playoffs when we could have rested him and put in Willy.

I don't see Sunseri being ready to fillin if DD gets hurt.

Will be interesting to see the two QBs compete against each other in our first of three games against the bombers.

The Riders didn't have much choice. Willy was an FA in an expansion year. The only way the Riders could have kept him would have been to make a deal with Ottawa to take him, sign him to starter money and trade him back to Sask. I'm a Willy fan, have been for a while. Would have loved to have seen him stay, but it just wasn't going to happen.

Yes Willy has looked good but we have to keep in mind most teams are just getting their first look at him. Lets see what happens after they get some good game film on him and his tendencies. The second time around teams often have a better feel for what a QB is going to do. Again he has looked good but before it gets started that we should have kept Willy and dumped Durant lets see how he does by mid season. I'm happy for him and his success so far but come the Labor day Classic and the Banjo Bowl I'm going to hoping he is on his butt more then his feet.

Happy for Willy, doing well for the blue and gold!!

Too bad Winnipeg still isn't in the Eastern Conference - then I could really cheer for him. :lol:

Not this again. Durant is a top 3 qb in this league. There is no way any of us could expect the Riders to have kept Willy over Durant. Good for Willy and the early success he has been having but it came down to the Riders choosing between Durant and Willy and righfully so they chose Durant. The Riders also won a cup last season so your point on a two qb system is mute.

but but but....look how well it worked out for the Esks franchise and peoples jobs when they ditched the franchise



Well the bubble has been burst or at least its leaking a bit of air right now after the loss. Not to be unexpected though as he is still a rookie as the full time starter. It now will be interesting to see what happens from here. I think he will bounce back but if they cant shore up the pass protection a bit more we might start to see him get happy feet. Willy needs to and probably will with time learn to get rid of the rock quicker in order to avoid losses.

Lol no we were not going to keep Willy over Durant not after last season especially. Anyone that feels we should just really hates Durant and nothing short of winning every game would probably change that.

Well they probably should have lost to Montreal with that lame duck of a pass miraculously not being intercepted. Willy is a good QB but he'll come back down to earth some.

I predict Willy will lose 3 of the 4 games coming up!

I’m so tired of this narrow minded thinking that if you like Drew Willy you have to hate Durant or a two qb system doesn’t work. Football is a physical game, QBs get hurt (look at BC, Ticats) or play poorly (Montreal). Having two QBs that can play only makes sense. Drew is better then any of the media experts (Ballzie laughed him off for last two years " he’s not good enough to tie Durants shoes"). I hate narrow minded thinkers like that.

He beat BC soundly today. So he has to lose the next 3 games. I'm betting he doesn't

He is a rookie first year QB. Cut him some slack. He is not as good as DD but who said he was? He is playing well much line DD did when he became the starter for the riders. DD also struggled and so will Willy. Sometimes people read to much in to a simple compliment. DD is our QB and I’d still take him over Willy.

Sorry I have just seen some of these posts start to go a bit south on the whole Willy Vs Durant. Yes Drew is doing well especially as a rookie starter. As I mentioned in an earlier post I'm happy for Drew and I'm glad he has finally got his shot.

No problem. One game to go and we get to play him in the peg. Will be fun to watch and I hope he plays well and loses to a focused DD having a lot more chemistry with our receivers. He hasn't had a lot if help so far from them. I hope Getz is back.

If Austin didn't blow thier last possession today, winter pig should have lost. That is the second lucky win for them this year. If our D can keep up thier level of play, Willy is in for a tough night. But you know he will be trying to send a message back to To the Rider coaches.

Forgot about Ford. He I hope is on fire for that game. Just watching the TO game again. They are showing him on Punt returns with the bombers. Looking good.

Willys contract was up. In the current salary cap era two qbs making starter money would be impossible to maintain

Yup...reality is Willy was not going to stay, even if they offered 200k...he wanted a shot at being the main pivot, and he wasn't going to get that with DD around.

Agreed. He sure looks good with the bombers so far. :thup:

Looking forward to willy seeing his old team next week! Hoping both teams bring there best!