Drew Willy

Anyone heard what his intentions are?

Taman said they will not be re-signing Willy. Willy wants an opportunity to start. He's rumored to be heading to Winnipeg.

no doubt ,willy not allowed to out play the other guy

Willy is not capable of doing so

I still say Sunseri is one of the better QB;s I have seen so no loss losing Willy IMO

Have to agree Sunseri will go way farther. He is the guy we need to hold onto. :thup:

I also agree with this one, I think in time he will be one of the greats, time will tell!

No he is not half the QB that DD is never will be!!

The ame was said about Demrco in BC. Fronting to the public that Demarco had it then if Luay should go down and had sme succes in the beginnnig but was terrible overall.

Willy has proven him self in the fes games he was able to get into with Durant rarely missing games.

Sure...just pray you are never in a short yardage situation.

There it is in the publicks eyes Willy's stock dropped to to his short yardage team difficuties but being a short Yardage QB and a starter have realy zero do do with the other.
Willy is the real deal and CFL scouts know this. Durant in his prime willy will not get a shot but has proven himself in a back up role as a game manager with grreat pocket presense and knowledge he has taken in on CFL defensive schemes.
Winnipeg looking to get its QB ducks in a row Burris and Willy could be a great situation. The #3 guy can run short yardage.

Really? I'd say having a tell in short yardage translates very well to starter vs short yardage guy...that's just me though...i view tells as a huge deal.

Does Willy have potential...yeah, I have always said he does. Better than Durant...we may or may not ever find out. I personally don't think so, none the less...it was unfortunately time for Willy to take a shot at being a starter somewhere. He either gets a crack now, or he will soon be too old as a guy in development. Perhaps Toronto takes a look at him. I think he would compliment Ray very well, and with Ray's injuries the past couple seasons, it would be a smart move. I have no doubt that Willy can potentially be a solid QB, and wish they had negotiated at the end of 2012 to keep him around an extra season or 2.

IMO no QB is going to do outstanding as a Bomber until they improve their blocking. That's why I think Henry would be a respectable option...the Cats didn't have great blocking most of the season, and he did well. If the bombers bring in Henry, why on earth would they bring in Willy?

Right now, the Riders have Sunseri, who shows some promise, but I would rather see Willy there.

Willy seams like he may have this no respect type thing going on throughout his career. He does not have the flash of Collaros. He could turn out to be a qb who just gets the job done.
Im not going to say he is going to throw for all the yards that Glenn has through his career but I can see him being like Glenn who just continues to do the job. Not a pin poin passer like Rey or the gunslinger 5,000 yards in a season Burris.


I have a hard time reading the rubbish I just read.

Willy has proven himself to be more than capable. The guy messed up on a few 3rd down situations.........so let's shoot Willy and leave the pourous O-line out of the equation. Anyone remember how bad our O-line went after Best went down, and how good it got when he returned. Wow, let's toss Willy under the bus.

Burris pulls a fast one and the RB's have Burris/Glenn/DeMarco.

Bombers............well all they have left to chase now is Willy. Willy's stock just went up even higher because the Bombers didn't get DeMarco, Collaros, Burris. Stamps QB's are under contract. They will chew on Newiswander (Als) and Willy. Trust me, they'll be needing Willy more than they did yesterday............so the offer amount likely goes up.

Let's talk about depth.

Tate/Bo Levi

Which of the above do you like better? Which backup QB has won us games in the last 2 years? See what Huf was able to do.......he lost a guy in expansion but still has two game proven guys? We need Willy. To say otherwise just isn't smart.

If, if Willy is determined to be a starter (and you can't blame a guy) how can't he sign in W'peg. But I am sure he needs to assess that club. I think Collaros signing in Hamilton and the Bombers losing that war shows Winnipeg's new GM is really unknown. Would you rather play under Austin or Mike O'Shea? The Bombers lost out there and Mike O'Shea should have been capable to talk to Collaros............so now they zero in on Willy and really they cannot afford to lose this guy. But is Winnipeg a good spot for Willy? Sure you get to start but he also might be out of the league by Labour Day!!!!!

We'll be worse off if Willy goes. All we have seen in Sunseri is one half of mop up time? Anyone that is pumping his tires based on this nothing audition, go and scratch your head. And, give Willy some credit based on what he's done over his 2-3 years! Willy won us a game or two last year and without those victories kiss your home playoff game good-bye!

grubber...who has thrown him under the bus? I made the 3rd down comment, because he went 2 for 9 inside a yard in 3 games. Immediately followed by his 3rd down duties being yaned and DD going 4/4 with the exact same line and a smaller frame. If you think that is throwing someone under the bus...well, that's your opinion I guess...I view it as a pretty flaringly obvious issue.

This is really the only big negative I have ever said on Willy. I have supported him since his first exhibition game. He did however creat some big question marks for me in the 2nd half of 2013.

Like I said, I would rather have him around as a backup that someone else though. He is still capable of playing the main pivot with some mentoring.

Nice read. Think about the Riders QB situation would remind you of what happen in BC last season. Reilly was do to sign as a starter somewhere and that left second year pro Demarco as the number 2 guy. Teams figuredhim out quickly and BC ended up scrabbling for Buck Pierce as a back up ending last season.
Unless the Riders are planning to bring JT O’Sullivan back, losing Willy will be a blow to the QBs.

It will be interesting to see who if anyone picks up Willy. Still say he is over rated.

The Collaros signing started the dominos falling. Surpising signing or Burris in Ottawa.
So pretty much will be very hard to predict what happens next.
The one thing that is for sure is that WIN needs a starting QB

I feel we will make a play of Neiswinder, has some game experience, would be a suitable for a game or two, down a 3 or more game stretch, forget about it, perhaps we make a deal for Nichols who is coming off a torn ACL, stock probably isn't to high.

Definitely will have to see how it shakes out. BC has Joey Elliot on the roster but don't really seem to want him.
Depnding on what Montreal does Alex Brink could also become availble.
Both with CFL starting expereince in a terrible situation and had some good games mixed in there.
With neither never knowing where they stand with a teams depth chart in their 4 CFL seasons.
Coming to play as the number 2 QB knowing their role and playing behind a much better Oline than they have seen could make a difference.
Really not too many QBs out there to fill a back up role that have solid game experience.
Brink Brings with him Mobility as well and short Yardage QB expereince :wink: