Drew Willy to start vs. Als

Big news in Argo-land where they anxiously await the return of Mr. Personality, Ricky Ray.

Willy will start vs. Als. Very real possibility the guy could rack up 300 to 400 passing yds. vs. a discombobulated Als set-up. Als should be barfing up the ball regularly (unable to make successive first downs) and the Als defense might be throwing in the towel - allowing Willy to exert his limited will on them. :cowboy:

We pasted Willy in our first game of the year (WPG). I hope that Thorpe remembers to send pressure because Willy does not like to get hit and he won't get rid of the ball. If Chapdelaine can get the offense going, we might just be able to pull out a surprise win.

Not sure it would be viewed as a surprise win if Als pull t out. They are favored by 3.

I'm going with the Alouettes in this one.
Milanovich's offense is too predictable.

The Als will make Drew play like Pooh !!! :rockin: :lol:
The Als will make Willy look Silly !!! :rockin: :lol:

Willy just had skinnies, meeks & slobs protecting him first outing vs. Als. Guys were literally getting bowled over - didn't even have time to don their roller skates!

Toronto will provide substantially better protection than that group - even though the Argos o-line isn't that great.

We'll see. I agree that Toronto's protection will be better, but our D is pretty strong most games. We lose, usually, because the offense can't score. If Chap can get us to even average production on offense, we have a chance.

.....So Willy get's his chance against the Als...Don't like his chances against that D but sometimes something kicks in with Willy...He might have a good to great game (gonna need it) and the Als might squeeze out enough pts. to put this one in the win column...Cato to Carter could be enough....but then :roll:

The is going to be a disaster, the Argonauts are literally in scramble/desperation mode. Milanovich is sweating buckets right now and this is the easy game. The next four games consist of 2 vs CGY, 1 vs SSK and 1 vs EDM.

This QB carousel reminds me of the one Montreal is having.

We started so well too.

And rightfully so. I'd actually be surprised if Toronto wins this one - - the Argos are a complete mess right now. As Lyle would say, they don't know if they're on foot or on horseback.

Toronto's OLine ha been atrocious. The only way they were able to block effectively is when Milanovich went with a double TE set against Hamilton. No idea why they stopped using it, especially when they continue to roll out a guy like Corey Watman. He couldn't block anyone in Regina and he can't block anyone in Toronto.

Willy was just injured in practice and LeFevour is now practicing as if he's starting.
This being reported on tsn1150 Hamilton right now.

Was it Justin Hickman who hit him? Hickman hasn't been near a QB all season, so maybe he was trying to figure out what it's like to put a QB on his wallet.

sheesh, Willy cannot stay healthy even during practice.
His career will be short lived unlike his time on the IR over the years.

Hickman musta been attracted to a familiar scent - one that temporarily hepped him up and got him ferocious!
Maybe they can clone Willy's scent - and load it under Hickman's visor during games!

At least he'll serve a useful purpose before being escorted to the scrap heap!

Given Willys play this season you have to wonder if the guy ever fully recovered.

Musta stepped on a field mouse during practice! :cowboy:

Perhaps Willy could join up with other scrap-heapers Alex Brink, Max Hall & Joey Elliott.

Start a Moving company.

4 Tall Men with No Arms!

......You can add spaghetti arm Brohm to that list....5 Tall Men with No Arms and Tunnel Vision.....motto... 'If WE can't get it there on time...we can definitely skip it'.. :wink:

Always love a bomber fan with a sense of humour (rare commodity)...... forgot about Brohm, highly touted by now-employed Marcel Bellfay . . . . Brohm & Brink were the best "skippies" - Hall & Willy best tackling dummies - Joey E. had strongest arm combined w/ weakest mind!