Drew Willy out 6-8 weeks

Three times in seven games. That's how often Drew Willy has been dragged off the field this year. And now this, likely season-ending injury. (Link below) There's something seriously wrong with my Bombers if they can't protect the franchise player better than this. Why would Willy even want to continue the suicidal practice of being a Bomber QB at this point? There's no run game, and the OC doesn't seem to have any answers to a hard-charging D-line like the Ti-Cats have been throwing at them. Sheer lunacy for Willy to even THINK about starting another game in Blue-and-Gold until Marcel Bellefeuille is gone.

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/willy-out-long-term-with-tibial-fracture-partial-pcl-tear-1.343935]http://www.tsn.ca/willy-out-long-term-w ... r-1.343935[/url]

Last year's O-line was a disaster.

So, to their credit, the brain trust went out and, on paper, upgraded the talent on the O-line this offseason.

Sadly, the operative words in the previous sentence are "on paper."

Sure hasn't turned out that way.

So if you change the players and the results are the same, seems to me the problem is with the offensive coordinator and/or the offensive line coach.

It looks like total chaos and confusion out there on some plays. Linebackers and D-line players pouring in untouched. It's not even so much that the Bombers' O-line is getting physically beat, it's just that they often appear to be completely bewildered about their assignments on given plays, and are standing there like pylons. Coaching problem.

...agreed MJ, before the season began I would've pegged the BB O-line as one of the best in the league...


So the fingers would point at Offensive line coach Bob Wylie, asst. O-line coach Paul Charbonneau, and Marcel Bellefueille.

And those are precisely the same coaches responsible for last season's dreadful offensive line.

Might it be a coaching issue then?

Ya think the HC might just mention the dismal play of the O-line to those responsible. I'm no HC but I think I would say something other than " the players are working real hard out there". It's starting to sound like some one talking about how far their hamster ran on the wheel.

I don't think the Bombers can win another game with them two backups. They are probably scouring for NFL rosters for cuts.

I don't know about that jim, my guess is that the first option is to swing a trade for a QB from another CFL team. Beck from BC, Nicholls or Franklin from Edmonton, Tate from Calgary, Marsh from Montreal . . .

So all this talk about Drew Willy being such a "warrior" and O'Shea totally doing the right thing rushing him back to play week after week ... has led to this. :roll: The next time you are inclined to call a player a "warrior" for playing through an injury that could be serious or that could BECOME serious if the player re-injures himself, kindly substitute the word "idiot" and we'll have a far more accurate assessment of the situation.

What I want to see before any of that is Marve get a legit chance. Start a game, play it through. We've done the Brohm experiment, let's see what we have with Marve. If after a few weeks Marve is showing as bad as Brohm, and the team is falling apart, then ya a trade will be made to try and save some jobs.

How do you know it was OShea "rushing" him back? The doctors declared him healthy - same as they do on every team. It's up to the player to speak up if they don't feel right, and guys like Buck/Willy don't because they want to get back out there. You gotta love that fire, but ultimately that is on them, noone else.

yeah, don’t recall dunigan every saying that he ever felt he was ever rushed in. It was hard to keep him off the field.

and ANOTHER QB goes down. Had WAY too much of that this season. :cry:

His current injury had nothing to do with any previous injuries he had. He was tackled while he jumped, and landed awkwardly on his leg. If this was the first time he was touched all season, it would have still have injured his leg.

You don't think the knee injury he was nursing from a few weeks ago put him at higher risk for a more severe leg injury? Have to disagree.

I don't know - if it was the same knee he injured earlier, it wouldn't have stood the impact as well as a healthy knee....
But do we know if it was the same knee?
EvilDoctor - you haven't been so "Evil" this year! Good job good Doctor!

No. It would have if it was a soft tissue injury - meniscal tear, collateral ligament injury, cruciate. They said he also has a PCL sprain, now that could have been something that could have been injured a couple weeks ago and exacerbated on this latest hit. The fracture though, no way. Given the way the injury occured it's likely an impaction/depressed fracture which is a direct compressive impact injury.

Play QB for the Bombers is 'The World Most Dangerous Job'.
A crab boat is a safer place than behind that Oline.

All the best to Willy for a speedy and full recovery. He's a gamer and someone you simply want on your team. Very unfortunate for the Bombers and of course for Drew Willy.