Drew Willy gone 6-8 weeks

Fractured tibia and PCL partial tear announced this morning, best case scenario is 6-8 weeks if the fracture heals properly. So basically out until October. Stretch includes the LDC and Banjo bowl, plus 2 games vs the Stamps. With all the talk about how much leadership and inspiration come from Willy in the locker room, the loss is devastating in a number of ways. We're going to need a number of players to step up.

So Brohm or Marve gets one day of practice on the field this week to prepare for the Argos, apparently. And Dominique Davis I would imagine moved from the PR to the active roster and given the way Brohm and Marve have performed I wouldn't be surprised to see him get some reps in this stretch. Anyone else feel like this taking us back to the Buck, Brink, Elliott, and Goltz days - starter gets hurt and juggling backups to find something that works?

Say something positive...... well, at least one of the weeks Willy misses is a bye week?

Unfortunate for the Bombers,their fans and all CFL fans. I could be wrong,but I don't expect the Bombers to win without Drew Willy.


Brohm can't cut it; Marve too green. I think the Bombers would be well advised to trade for someone.

Buellefille (ineffective blocking schemes), and Walters (ineffective free agent signings on the O-Line/ineffective rookies drafted to the O-Line/ineffective vets kept over on the O-Line from last year) are both to blame for Willy being thrown around like a rag doll this year. They will pay for it with their jobs before the start of next season, IMO.

And O'Shea will be gone too. This guy was just a dumb hire (and didn't Walters hire him????).

I have to admire that you could find something positive to say, Wolverine... I'm not a fickle fan. I will stay with my team through the good and bad, BUT this type of crap has been going on TOO LONG. I keep hearing the promises that if us fans just have some patience then it will be turned around. BULL !!! How come other teams have bad spells and find a player that can come in, Harris and Cato are two that come to mind. Why do we NEVER have a saviour type player waiting in the wings, NEVER. I keep hearing that the rebuilding practice will take a couple of years, so be patient. BULL !!! Other teams build on the fly and are successful. Why can't we ? Once again we have all our eggs in one basket. I'm tired of it and I hold the management and coaching staff responsible. If this team doesn't try to improve through NFL cast-offs then I'm not sure what I will do. I know I can't continue watching a team with no drive.

There's going to be a log of pressure on the D to help carry the team, at least initially and especially if neither Brohm or Marve really stands out these first couple of games. Worse yet, the loss of Cotton and possibly Darvin Adams as well (haven't seen the news on him) opens up another hole or two in the offense to fill. We have some veterans on D that can potentially step up and offer some leadership - Randle, Westerman. Someone will need to step up for the offense and I'm not sure we have some right now that has that moxie.

IMO the saviour in the wings is a bit of a fantasy. The thing with finding a hero like Cato, for instance, means a lot of bad times and some unbelievable luck. To get to their saviour in Cato, the Als had to go through Troy Smith, Alex Brink, Tanner Marsh, and Crompton. They even started this year with Cato 4th on the depth chart and Crompton as the starter, and if it wasn't for a bizaare situation in week 1 of this season where both Crompton and Lefevour get hurt, Cato may not have seen the field yet. Maturity is a big part of what a starting QB has to do IMO and Cato's personal life up to this point has, I think, accelerated his maturation as a person and enabled his success.

As for Harris, he's spend the last three years with a former QB as his HC and former QBs as his OC (Maas, Brady) and gotten to learn from a veteran guy like like Ricky Ray. People forget that Ray got hurt here in Wpg a couple seasons ago after starting the game something like 11 completions on 12 attempts, then Harris was next man up, struggled, and was benched as the starter in favor of Collaros. The Argos kept Harris around and let him continue to learn and now in his 4th year he's stepping up.

Brohm and Marve are only in their second seasons so it may be too early to write either of them off as a potential saviour. That said, my personal eye test on Brohm suggests he doesn't have the arm to play on this field and the fact he's only been able to throw 1 TD (in preseason last year) and has thrown so many picks makes me believe he's not capable. Marve I think has the tools but still has too much "youthful enthusiasm" when he gets behind centre. I think he could be as good or better than Harris come his 4th year but he has a ways to go yet. You never know, this opportunity could jump start his development and we find that saviour.

I agree with what you say wolverine, but why o why is it never the Bombers who have guys like Harris and Cato ? Last year I was screaming for Marve and in he came and played good. Then back on the shelf.... I don't like the 'stay the course no matter what' attitude that has permeated this team. If something is wrong, fix it. If some one is playing bad, say so.

Every week I get excited for gametime. We might be hooped, but I'm still looking forward to see what rises from this.

I really think Marve can be successful, and he will hopefully have a healthy Moore & Denmark, Veltung looked like a fav for Marve and was playing well, and hopefully Adams isn't out long. Another thing is with Cotton out, we can see how Marshall does. Maybe this is what is needed to bring the Oline together, pounding out some rushing drives.
But Wolverine, you are right - if the D doesn't stand up, we stand no chance. Going to need a big effort on that side, along with much better special teams.

We have alot of home games during this stretch, let's just hope everything goes our way! :rockin:

Agreed there. There'll be growing pains at QB no matter who gets the start (and I hope it's Marve as I've seen enough of Brohm), so Richie Hall has to earn his paycheque this week.

OH NO! Home games?! We have a terrible record at IGF since moving there.

Sounds like Marve gets the nod for the start. On the plus side, both Marve and Brohm have worked with the backups mostly in camp and practice so seeing guys like Veltung, Feoli-Gudino, Gordon if he plays, etc.. gives them some familiarity with the receivers. Per O'Shea's presser Adams is out for "more than a couple of weeks", so at least a month then. O'Shea also expects Moore to be back, maybe Peach and Turner as well.

Regardless of our record at IGF - would you want our (basically) rookie QB having to deal with noise crowd in a hostile environment, or at home where noise can help lift the D? We have 5 home games vs 2 road games over the next 2 months. I'd say that is a ;positive......

True, but there's also the impatience of the home crowd. Brohm was quickly booed when he struggled and threw the picks replacing Willy vs the Ticats at home. If Marve or Brohm have some early struggles it's not going to fix anything to boo Friday night.

It’s going to be interesting to see Marve’sfirst taste of starting.I loved his interview today.Lets see what we have, stud or dud.(I know 1 game doesn’t make aQB)

I really admire your attitude and I like to think that I have the same, but my enthusiasm has been stretched thin. Maybe all the negative events around me recently has affected my outlook. I follow sports as a way of definitive entertainment. If I'm reading a book and it's crap, I stop reading it. If I'm watching a movie and it's crap( most are) I stop watching it and have stopped watching movies and TV almost completely. But with sports there is always a glimmer of hope. The fairy-tale ending can happen. Thanks LetsGoBlue.

At first I wanted to say ho hum, heard it all before. I'll wait and see. But I like Marve and his attitude and I'm now excited to beat the Argos. I think I enjoy beating the Argos more than any other team. Thanks Aulcee.

Two positives= a third positive

Oh, my enthusiasm has been tried too. Been a fan for almost 30 years and had about a 20 year stretch where I never missed a single game (Live/TV/Radio).
These past 3 years have been very difficult to get through - not just because of the losses, but how they lose. Then there is the media circus that has seemed to follow the club for the past decade or so. The past few years is about the lowest I've felt as a fan, and there have been some times I've just wanted to quit. But to use your analogy - would you quit watching your movie when there is only 15 minutes left? Would you put the book away with only the last chapter left? Quit watching the TV series after following it for 25 years? We've invested too much into this team to just walk away. And I sure don't want to be hopping back onto the bandwagon when things get good. :wink:
All we ask as fans is for a competitive team, to be prepared & play hard - especially at home. That is all I hope for this weekend, win or loss. It just makes it easier to get excited about the Marve & Marshall show.

Marve sounded confident in himself yesterday. However, limited practice time yesterday due to the thundershowers and just the one practice on the short week. I'm not going to heap a lot of expectation on Marve. But I really hope this isn't set up for him to fail. This is eerily reminiscent of 3-4 yrs ago after Buck got hurt, Brink gets the next start, wins a tight game heading into a bye week then is replaced the next game by LaPo with Elliott. I would hate to see the same happen and we switch to Brohm after the bye week if Marve doesn't have a big game vs the Argos, especially given the circumstances.

Marve seems to have good running ability, and can put some zip on the ball, but there are many QB's in CFL history that had good skills, but couldn't cut it in actual game action for a prolonged stretch. Hopefully that doesn't happen to Marve. The league is more fun to watch when every team has a chance to win.

Ya, I commented on the similarities between now and then on the main board. Both starts came on short weeks, with alot of offensive injuries. Elliott got his chance with a healthy team, and we never really went back with Brink. I just hope we can give Marve some time before everyone is shouting for the next guy/trade. It would be unfair to judge him on this week, but he still needs to give the fans some hope and I think he can do that.