Drew Who?

Im excited for next season for my Bombers... This Marve guy looks like Doug Flutie out there.

Yes, he was rather impressive looking wasn't he. Hope we see more of him but there has to be a reason why they went with the other guy after Willy got injured.

Because he played in the NFL… CFL teams go all gaga over you if you were in the NFL. I honestly believe that if you are not good enough to play in the NFL then you are not good enough to play in the CFL. This dude was missed by the NFL, so I have way more hope for him then a NFL washout.

The problem with what you've just said is that players who are good enough to play in the NFL will not be playing for the CFL. Many of our CFL players have tried out in the NFL. They didn't make it. They returned to the CFL and are contributing a lot in the CFL. Some who have left the CFL and tried out in the NFL made it and are still playing in the NFL.

Overall, I don't agree, but speaking QB specific it is more often a fair statement than not.

Players who go from the Cfl to the NFL are ussually not givin a fair shot.. I remember Seattle sports radio when the Seahawks cut their third round draft pick and kept Brandon Browner. People were furious and calling for Carrolls head. Alot has happened since then, but Carroll came out looking like a genius the first year when Browner made the Pro Bowl. Casey Printers actually led the Chiefs in passing yards for the preseason but was cut because the Chiefs had drafted a QB in the second round that year.. If NFL keep players that they got for basicly free and cut their draft picks, it make the scouting department look like they do not know what they are doing.

So that would rule out the following CFL QBs who spent at least a year in the NFL: Ray, Burris, Dickenson, McManus, Flutie - to name just a few. That's over 200,000 passing yards.

Beware of early predictions. Ted White for Montreal and Kevin Eakin for Hamilton each had 400+ yd. passing games. Does ANYBODY know where they are now?

They went with Brohm because Fanny McAnus preferred him. From Willy to picking up Brohm, it's been his decision.