Drew Tate

Hes rotting away in Calgary, why not try and swap to get him. Cato could still be the starter but would probably see significant playing time in Montreal. Thoughts?

Nah; until Schonert is relieved of his duties, no point.

Agreed. Tate comes here and he'll leave in the first quarter of the first game he plays due to an injury behind Schonert's terrible play selection.

Tate has mellowed out and does not even have an urgency to go elsewhere to compete for a starting spot. He is content to just being a backup in Calgary even though he is now 31. Of course if Tate were to go elsewhere, the Stamps would need a backup as the only other QB they have on the roster is Bryant Moniz.

For what it is worth if Tate were to be traded to Montreal, the Als would have the two lightest quarterbacks in the CFL.

Not sure, not a bad option if you compare to Marsh for now but he's similar on some aspect to Cato, same if Cato is way better on his play reading.


I don't know, outside of 2011 season he was not a big option.

Why not ?

Ho yeah I remember > Schonert :roll: :o :?

Tate a collectionné les blessures, et ce n'est pas à cause de son rendement sur le terrain qu'il n'est plus le partant des Stampeders. Il faut développer Cato et Bridge et continuer de demeurer alerte sur ces quarts qui émergent et qui pourraient devenir des quarts de concession. Mitchell, Collaros, Franklin et Cato montrent que ça peut se trouver.

Would be nice to have an update on Cato at this point. Just to reassure the fan base that he is returning. Not an obligation but considering the Sams spectacle would be a wise business move.

Popp on TSN 690 last night said AC has been communicating with Cato and that Cato would be back in Mtl. on Friday.

Thank you Sheldon. Glad you decided to keep posting. :thup:

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Appreciate the support. I get a little hot headed and sarcastic at times, am trying to heed HfxTC`s advise and stick to the issues. Like I said to DAP, in the real world much easier to talk things over or laugh them off. On forums such as these, egos often get in the way.

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Looking forward to see what AC can do with Cato.