Drew Tate

That remains to be seen if he can stay healthy for more than 2 games a season. And I think calling Glenn the backup is misleading here seeing as he's played the majority of the games. I would have to call DT the back up :smiley:

I have no ill will towards DT just don't want to spend 4 years on this guy only to see he's another Buck Pierce or Jesse Lumsden, players with talent but injury prone.

I wouldn't say fortunate as much as oh ... smart? he didn't get on the roster by accident, but yea, I understand what you mean.

if the stamps were smart, they wouldn’t have traded Burris - who won them a grey cup.

He's doing well in Hamilton. :wink:

it's official.
Tate is out, Glenn is in.

just confirmed by Huf.

and Tate has not practiced at all this week.

That's unfortunate. I like Drew Tate, and when he does play, he's a solid QB, but it appears he's become injury-prone.

I agree, I don't think MMA training is a good combo for a football player, in particular a QB. The danger with MMA training is to damage the sheats around the tendons when rolling and if you combine that with overtraining with weights, you can end up with chronic tendonosis, these injuries can drag for a long time and the only thing you can do is rest them for weeks or months and then rebuild the damage tendons and hope they don't reappear.

I'd like to see him play more this season. Better to rest and rehab now...

Buck 2.0

Fixed, Huf would rather not play him but won't hesitate if Glenn struggles. Glenn has the worst luck of any QB in this league, maybe ever.

Huf said that? :?
Why not just play Mitchell if Glenn falters instead of throwing a still convalescing QB (Tate) to the wolves and risk further injury?

If Tate is not ready to start on Friday, then he is not ready to play at all.
Let the man heal for goodness sake.

and yes, Glenn is the Rodney Dangerfield of the CFL.

If Huf said that this early in the season then that reeks of desperation and gloom. He can't have too much faith in his team.

Glenn should never have been taken out of the starting role after last season. He was still the guy that lead them to the leagues 2nd best record last year and the only black mark he has against him is that the Stamps failed in the Grey Cup... win as a team lose as a team.

Hard to argue with the 74 percent completion record of Tate no ? This was Tate's team when Glenn came onboard and he knew/knows that full well.

Glenn-Tate or Tate-Glenn -- in an era of a QB shortage in all of pro football, that's a great 'problem' to have!

Your logic would be sound if Tate could play more than 3 games a season.

Well you are right, but hey don't blame me for wanting to see some guy whom I think will be better than Glenn succeed - so long as not against my team of course.

It appears that Drew is doubtful for the rematch with the Als this week..

[b]all indications are quarterback Drew Tate will miss a second consecutive start due to a strained muscle in his right forearm.

“Drew is feeling better,? reported Stampeders GM/head coach John Hufnagel. “He’s just not ready to throw yet. Maybe towards the end of the week.?[/b]

[url=http://www.torontosun.com/2013/07/16/calgary-stampeders-qb-drew-tate-still-doubtful-for-rematch-with-als]http://www.torontosun.com/2013/07/16/ca ... h-with-als[/url]