Drew Tate

Anyone hear the status of Tate’s injury last night?

broken arm....out for the season...
na.. just fn with ya....
Tendonitis.... probably too much givin Hufnegal the business to keep playing him.... Like why wasn't he pulled after the third quarter when it was clear that he was useless
I feel as if Glen is the Drew Bledsoe of the CFL... just no respect despite for throwing for oddles of yards.

Tate had a good game, the offense just never saw the field in the 3rd quarter.

...Tate is undergoing an MRI on his elbow this afternoon

Injured again? Oh boy.
Buck pierce number 2.

Tate hasn't been able to get through 2 consecutive games without injury.
Even buck has gotten through 2.

Tate is a high school QB that's made of glass. Haven't liked him from the start, probably be best if he's out for the season. Also, I hope Huff protects Glenn and not Tate in the expansion draft, at least Glenn can get through a whole game.

Scary QB situation in Cow town.

Drew Tate has a "strained forearm muscle in his throwing arm and his status for Friday's night game is uncertain."


His status is up in the air for next game with strained forearms muscles (according to TSN). I don't care if the Stampeders didn't win the Grey Cup last year, with how Glenn handled the situation and lead the team to the championship as the "back up" the keys should never have been taken away from him. This is turning into a Winnipeg-like situation.

Boy, the Stamps are fortunate they have KG as really a full time back up.

I was starting to wonder if he hurt himself throwing one of his tantrums on the sideline. It's one thing to have passion but jesus....have some composure!

This is the time they should be getting a real look at Mitchell.
Maybe he is the one they should protect in the draft?

He's a young guy , has a lot of passion, Huf will work with him and with maturity composure will come.

That's an excellent point for sure!

I very much doubt Tate will play this week because even if he says he can play or they could shoot him up, that's the sort of injury with which one will not be anywhere close to 100% with one's grip and throwing motion.

I don't see Mitchell getting a shot. Wasn't Huff converting him to receiver? that tells me his days as a QB are numbered.

In the future, DT may be wise to design his fitness regimen to focus more on both isometric and contraction based resistance training in order to strengthen individual muscle groups and ligaments, which seem to be a weakness of his.

From what I gather, Tate concentrates much on calisthenics and MMA training techniques, which are fine as an adjunct tensile program, although not nearly as effective for injury prevention as resistance oriented exercises.

Burris and Calvillo supposedly follow stringent weight bearing programs which appear to inhibit injuries and aid in their career longevity.

Tate can be a star in this league, although can just as easily be a footnote in the history of CFL QB's unless something is altered.

this could also be to make him less desirable to the RedBlacks in the draft.

...methinks you are thinking of Sinopoli, BLM is and has always been listed as a QB whereas Sinopoli has been flipped between QB and WR

I stand corrected RW, I'd actually like to see more of Mitchell too.

Drew’s a heck of a Quarterback and a nice guy glad he’s playing up here in the CFL, too bad he’s injured but hopefully not for long and he’ll be back with Calgary at least you have a good back up in Kevin Glenn. Get well Drew.