Drew Tate

Any word on how long he'll be out? Can Glenn do the job until Tate returns?

...although no timeline has been released I"d have to think we'll not see his return soon, surgery might be required at this point...our season just went sideways...

...I don't know about Glenn, could go either way, a) proves he still has it and leads the team, or b) becomes inconsistent again as has been his way

...guess we'll see Sinopoli back soon

Look for Michael Bishop at some point in the season

...okay, will do...I'll keep an eye out at all the concession stands for him

NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Not Bishop!!!! I dislike the Stamps, but not that much for something like that to happen to your team, LOL!!!! Time to let him retire for good.


He opted for Surgery and they say 4 months so in reality ... the season

:lol: Hey Bish toss me a dog!!.....picked off!!

For those of you with short memories, all reports out of Calgary last year on Bishop were positive.

He acted very classy as he always has, did his part every time he was called on. I believe he got the first down on every short yardage situation he was called on, including a TD.

Was a great team mate worked with the other qb`s and nobody had a bad word to say about him.

He was good enough for last year, why not this.

Now if some of you feel that by attacking Bishop you are attacking me? Grow up, only children behave that way.

BTW the odds are very good that Bish will surface in the CFL in 2012 somewhere, and as a QB

..only children continue on and on about something even after their elders have told them 'why' it isn't going to happen...and that isn't an attack against MB, that is a criticism of you directly...

...so I"ll explain one last time, Calgary has three competent, not awesome, but three competent QBs, including two young gunslingers that could make life interesting if the vet gets benched, so why-oh-why would they consider signing a fourth so-so QB? oh yeah, now I remember, they wouldn't....

Pretty pathetic how you continue to only allow opinions that you agree with

What's really pathetic is how you seem to conflate someone disagreeing with your opinion with someone not allowing you to have your opinion. There's a big difference.

What`s even more pathetic is how MJ cant allow me to make a comment without a lecture

What in the world are you talking about? I have not responded to any of your posts in this thread, just that last one.

...ah vm, the hallmark of a losing battle, you made a false statement, not a comment, an innuendo that alleged that your opinions were being somehow supressed by myself through clandestine and underhanded means...that is what truly is pathetic, your inability to understand the art of debate and argument...therefore MJ's lecture was completely deserved

...BTW, could you let me know what internet forum you moderate? I'd like to sign-up there and be a douchebag poster, fair is fair after all...

Not a problem, would be happy to have you, we accept all points of view, no censorship,no banning just a sharing of thoughts, all welcome.


...my douchbaggery would be unnoticed on that site

I see, in your mind even my political beliefs disqualify me from your forum...You just made my point for me. Thanks :smiley:

...you disqualify yourself, no help from me (PS - I vote conservative, you just made my point)

...anyway, let's get back to not talking about Bishop's chances of signing with the stamps

So why is it that you have so much trouble understanding what is really a very simple concept.

You are free to express your opinion here. We ALL are.

So when someone expresses an opinion that is contrary to yours, that is NOT an attempt to disqualify you, nor it is it an attempt to only allow certain opinions.

Why can you not accept the fact that other people are equally entitled to their opinions as you are to yours? Why is that so difficult a concept for you? It seems every time someone has the temerity to disagree with you, you take it as a personal attack, an attempt to censor you, or an attempt to suppress your opinion, when it is none of those things.

Yes, you've been banned several times. . .but it was never for expressing an unpopular opinion.

I have moved on from this discussion, but the bigger question is really this, this is huge?

Why is nobody taking part in so many of the forums here? Calgary for instance is dead, nobody posted here in any real number in quite some time. other than this nonsense we covered, no real posts since June, and we are in football season. I see the same thing here at many of the cfl.ca team forums.

Does that mean that nobody cares, of course not! Just that they have moved on to other forums...I wonder why???? Last time I brought this up, posters such as MJ said it was simply not the case, he and regulars here are in denial.

I challenge anybody here to explain why other CFL sites are flourishing, yet this one is just the same handful of regular posters, year in year out. Yes as MJ says there are a lot of posts, but they mostly come from the same handful of posters, who post multiple,multiple times .

I do not really expect any honest answers. Many people have been driven away because it became a social club for just the handful of regular posters here.

I think CFL should step in and try and save forum