Drew Tate

Does anyone know if Drew Tate is off the injured list?

Did he make the trip to Toronto? even if he's not ?
or do all the players (injured or not) come down to Toronto because it is the grey cup

any help is apprectiated

The likely reason for him being on the injured list is because then he is protected. If he's on the practice roster, any team can claim him. I heard zero reports from off-season and beyond that would indicate he did, in fact, have a real injury.

As for him making the trip...I have no idea...:wink:

Apparently all players - injured, practice roster and active are going. About 200 in the Rider party.

2000 actually...not! Not even close to 200 either buddy. I can only think of about 100...maybe try 100.


For chrissake. It’s from a story that was on the homepage of this site. Go read it…it’s something like “Riders Have Plans, Will Travel”.

Included in that are non-players of course, but that is the size of the Rider contingent that went to TO.

They said they were taking close to 200.

I don't doubt it will be in the neighbourhood of 200.
I assume wives, girlfriends, cheerleaders, admin staff, etc., are included in the numbers.

Drew Tate has had a nasty paper cut all year that just refuses to heal....
But that won't prevent him travelling to TO.

Yes. Everyone. Hopson said he felt as though everyone was involved or whatever

By the weekend according to the Leader Post. I thought he meant with the team, my bad.