Drew Tate to Redblacks

Steve Lloyd

Hearing the RedBlacks have acquired QB Drew Tate from Calgary. @TSN1200 #CFL

Tate is due a $40K bonus on March 1st

David William NaylorVerified account
Can confirm the Ottawa Redblacks have acquired quarterback Drew Tate in exchange for a 5th-round pick in 2018.

David William NaylorVerified account ?@TSNDaveNaylor 4m4 minutes ago
Just spoke to Drew Tate. He anticipates going into Ottawa as the #2 QB. "I'm super-excited and just grateful for the opportunity." #cfl

Nice insurance policy , they have had some nice signings as well in free agency , hard to imagine them not being a top contender to be in the G.C. game in Ottawa , although Montreal may give them a run for it . I doubt Hamilton and Toronto will even make the playoffs . :twisted: :twisted:

Cato to Calgary or are the Stamps going after another Eastern Washington Eagles QB ?

I like the pick up of Tate even though he's not the same guy who broke into the league . Definitely insurance for this year.

He might be one and done in Ottawa depending on his performance and durability .

Great trade by Ottawa. They are going to become the class of the east. They will improve upon last year in the regular season for sure. Still calling for Calgary to win it all in Ottawa.

Great trade for Ottawa and they didn't have to give up much. I'd certainly rather have Tate than Willy!

Wow !!! The leagues biggest slacker is now a REDBLACKER !!! . Yup , the Jeff Spicoli of the CFL. :lol: Well I guess he can carry a clipboard in Ottawa just as good as he carried one in Calgary. :wink: :smiley:


Would have thought Tate would have been a better fit in Regina. Goes from being a back up on one team, to a back up on another. Kind of a lateral move. He could have competed for the starters job for the Riders.

But then again this shouldn't come as a surprise since we all know what happens when CFL players are due bonuses.

Stamps signed Gale last week. He’s the new number 2 IMO.

Gotta agree with Taleback here , can't see Cato going to Calgary at all .
It would appear to me that the window just got shut a little bit more tighter on where Cato's options are on finding further employment in the league. I'm thinking that at this time his only hope is to be signed to the scrap heap in Toronto.
It would seem to be the only place where he might get a shot at being a starter and the only team where he could be at the very worst the 2nd stringer.

Great move by Desjardins.
Ottawa has their QB spot in good shape.

Harris isn't a lock. He's been pretty inconsistent in both Toronto and Ottawa. Also I doubt that Tate had much say in where he was traded to.

good pickup IMO. he is a guy that can be chucked in if need be but still allows development of another. I know there was a bit of speculation this move might happen

I agree Cato to the stamps is unlikely…maybe (big maybe) Hamilton. as for Gale being number 2…he will have to legitimately beat out Buckley for that. The Stamps really like him and he did well enough as a rookie to displace Tate as #2 last year. Then man has game

I'm thinking the logical place for Cato right now is Sask, in the interest of both parties. Sask needs an up and commer, Cato has shown lots of potential, and Cato needs a shot at number one to stay sharp and progress. The somewhat illogical, IMO, signing of Carter, if that's the reason Cato is out of the Sask picture, seems to have mitigated that though. I get that Carter is an elite, but they have enough semi elites that I think Cato is a bigger need for Riders than Carter right now.

sounds like they have zero interest in Cato....honestly...I probably wouldn't either. Dude has some serious baggage and was a big reason for the issues at practices...Carter actually only got involved because he tried stepping in to break stuff up and calm people down (got between Cato and another receiver)...then Cato had to get dragged out of practice. Yeah...sounds like Carter showed some immaturity after that by poking but he went in trying to do the right thing actually...and Cato's headbutting was still there post-Carter so there are concerns. I question if he will land anywhere...which is a shame because he has some skill. I would rather see them take a chance on Waters than Cato. If it doesn't pan out I have the feeling Cato or Crompton will be available

Hardly a slacker BOBO.

He was our starter before he lost his top spot to some guy named BLM.

I always liked Tate. Class guy and good talent. BLM is a bit to much up on himself for my liking.

This is a good pick up for the Reds.

If Harris gets hurt, O'Brien and Jensen will not be the answer. They are good, but neither have the experience at this time.

I will say, regardless of the end result in Toronto, the Stamps at this time are still the best team.

However, I am looking in my crystal ball and Ouiji Board.

They are telling me Lions or Bombers packing the bags to Ottawa.

Stamps, as good as they are, were very lucky at times as well.

Not sure that luck will be there this year, and being in Calgary since 1972, I have seen way to many choke jobs.

Stamps have a long history and tradition of tanking more than filling expectations.

Time will tell.

He will be the only QB in the East that can step if the starter goes down and they won't miss a beat.

Ray and Masoli >Tate