Drew Tate out 5-6 weeks..

Ouch. :expressionless:

the Stamps are going to have to rely on Kevin Glenn!!..


Twitter is talkin..

Just in time for the Edmonton/Calgary Labour Day classics.

I thought Glenn looked good. The Stamps will be fine...

He did, really good to me.
His problem has always been consistency.

The Stamps will be fine, they need to clean up the mistakes and they will be contenders.

...to tell you the truth I'd like to see what Bo Levi can do in there, not through an injury to Glenn because that is sick wishing for that, but maybe Glenn has an off-game and Hufnagel slams Mitchell in there to play mop-up...he was effective in pre-season, wonder what his real game play would be like...

...tough break for Tate tho, man he did not need that to happen...

I hope we some of sonopoli while tate is out of action.

Probably not, Stamps 2nd stringer has a rocket of a arm and will be next to go in.

tough break for Tate, but really, can you ask for a better backup? Glenn will fair well...especially with some first team reps.

And Glenn has a couple of familiar players to throw to in McDaniel and Bauman, who both now seem to have figured out how to catch, if Saturday’s game is any indication. Actually, I always liked McDaniel; he just got out-shone by Bruce, Stala, and Mann, and then the team turned to a crop of rookies who looked pretty good (and still do).

I wouldn’t be surprised if Glenn keeps the team competitive.

Yeah, we need all the help we can get. :lol: So sad...

Sucks for Tate. He was looking solid. Hopefully he doesn't miss a beat when he returns. Good luck! :thup:

Kevin Glenn is as good as a backup as there is in the CFL at this point. I don't forsee him being much of a downgrade for them. Mind you, it does show how quickly a season can become unravelled for a team. We'll have to wait longer to see what Tate can do.

...you know sometimes a team rallies around this type of thing too especially under veteran guidance, so unraveling might not be the verb to tag to the stamps right now, although 'raveling' is hardly a suitable counter...

...the rematch game in Montreal will make a lot of things clear for the stamps...

You say that like it's a bad thing. Glenn is probably the best backup any team has and will be a fine starter while Tate is out. He's just two seasons removed from throwing for over 5,000 yards, so it's not like he's Kerry Joseph or anything. I think the Stamps will survive, and maybe even thrive, with Glenn at the helm. I don't think they'll beat Montreal this week, but after that, they should be fine. Sucks for Tate, but Glenn will keep them in contention.

Glenn may be the most experienced, but I think Adrian Mcpherson and JJ could give him a run for the title. Not to mention up and comers like Reilly. Very happy we have Reilly myself

JJ as in Jarious Jackson? I'd much rather have Glenn over Jackson. I like both Reilly and McPherson, but I like Glenn's experience more. We don't know what McPherson or Reilly bring to the table and we crtainly do not know if they can lead a team for an extended period of time. Glenn is a known commodity. I'm not saying there aren't other good backups, but that I don't think any of the other backups are as good, and they certainly aren't as accomplished (with the possible exception of Kerry Joseph), as Glenn.

This may be a blessing in disguise for Calgary. I am still not sold on Tate. Tate is the next mediocre quarterback in this league, much like Kevin Glenn and Stephen Jyles.

It's times like this where a veteran backup QB really pays off. He's good enough to keep the stamps in contention until Tate comes back.

5-6 weeks? Hmm, I have to wonder about that. The injury (2nd time) to that shoulder on a harmless play warrants 6 weeks.So its serious enough to miss 6 weeks. What troubles me more is the fact that this looks like a glass shoulder. I can only assume that the docs have come to the conclusion he does not need surgery which is going to leave most Stamp fans cringing every time he falls to the ground or takes a hit.
I hope this doesn't turn in to a hindsight "injury" wasting 6 weeks on rehab only to have it pop out again after one hit. Now there are some here that will say I'm paranoid, maybe, probably, but c'mon breaking your fall and your shoulder dislocates, we are talking about an athlete in the prime of life. Hope I'm wrong.