Drew Tate not a team player

Calling out his offensive coordinator for Calgary's red zone woes over the past few games. He takes no responsibility. Not someone I would want on my team!

haven't heard of him doing that

Right now I think most Rider fans do not share your opinion :stuck_out_tongue:

Just saw an interview of it.

At least he's not Tom Brady, calling out his entire offense. I didn't think it was possible for me to dislike Tom Brady more.

Where was the interview? Do you have a link of it?

It was on our local CTV sports.


Fast forward to about 36:00 and watch from there. Couldn't find a shortened version of it anywhere.

I'm not sure why they wouldn't considering we would be in the same position we are now if we had to rely on Tate as our backup in 3 or 4 weeks anyway. The only thing the guy has proven is that he consistently gets injured. Any success he has had can be credited to a good offensive scheme thought up by Dave Dickenson and John Huffnagel.

....And I suggest a very good o line, as good or better than the riders :wink: ...Tate wouldn't look out of place in riderville behind the rider o line...and certainly a heck of a lot better than Sunsetti and the novice Doeg... :wink:

Just watched that interview with DT. Yup he flamed DD. Completely out of line IMHO. The game I watched had DT overthrow a couple open players and a couple in the dirt too, wheres his culpability in these games. He can be a distraction.

So much for team solidarity..

Pointing the finger at others, especially your immediate superior, will not win many allies amongst the clubhouse.
Glad to see Dickenson took the high road by not lambasting Tate in a public forum as the QB did.

If Tate does not agree with the play calling, he should have a private discourse with DD behind closed doors rather than creating tension via a public blame game.

no class.

Ya I have always thought Tate to be one of those guys who is not very accountable and has very little filter.

well now, normally I would cheer for cal in this game, but as long as drew plays, I will cheer for Cornish to have a great game in a losing cause with tate to have his worse game of his life.

IMO Dave was a significant factor in the decision to keep Bo as the starter over Tate, and this is him making a stupid dig at him. Could be totally wrong on that, but it was the imediate vibe when I first saw it and still sense it when I see it now. I can understand why he would be upset, but you gotta be a bigger pro than that. At least when Cornish called out his OL he manned up...perhaps Tate will do the same, though I do not think he will.

Gotta love when they ask if he has any input on play calling (kudos on the reporter for coming up with that so fast). Like really? You have zero input on play calling?

And as other say...if he executes Dave's placalling this is likely a standout game...it happens...you want to call out the OC you say 'I missed some plays and there were some play calls we were not entirely on the same page' leave it at that

...DT better have a knock-out game now or he ends up looking very foolish...

oh I'm sure Tate will have his bases covered regardless.
If he has a great game, the credit will go to himself......a bad game and Dickenson takes the blame.

'why suck when you can pass the buck' is Drew's motto..


No idea if this is accurate or not. But, I can say I have been on a team with two excellent quarterbacks. One was a team guy first who gave credit to everyone but himself. The other qb. was a better athlete with more qb skills but full of himself. I recall him saying after a loss, "...but my stats were pretty good!" Needless to say, our team would run through a brick wall for the former q.b. not the latter and this let to the lesser skilled but team leader being the starter and becoming a league all-star.
If Tate has any of those latter qualities his stay in Calgary will be short. A qb who is poison regardless of his skills should and will be cut or traded. Think Casey Printers. Quarterbacks are the team leaders and the good ones take full responsibility and earn team respect. To this day I would still run through a brick wall for our team oriented quarterback. A team needs a leader who inspires team togetherness and solidarity. Maybe Tate is still too young to get it. Hopefully he does otherwise his days in the CFL are numbered!! :rockin:
And, Dave Dickenson is a classy person, coach and was a classy team first player!

...good points TB2, maybe DT is laying the groundwork for a trade-me talk with Huf knowing full well that as soon as BLM is ready DT will be polishing a bench with his bum again...

Just Tate being Tate......

From all reports the guys in the locker room love him.

Placed the blame on himself for the BC game even being close due to
his 3 overthrows.

Not much to worry about in my books. :thup:

This sort of thing is just unacceptable. In the business world if you've got a complaint you always, ALWAYS… go up line….NEVER EVER… down line as Tate did.

What Tate did was put himself above everyone else, including Dickenson. Well, Tate is no Dave Dickenson. Unfortunately, he may never come to that realization.

Drew Tate is like a few other players out there who although passionate about the game and who give their all do not have a realistic perception about their own abilities.

Tate could have handled the interviewer's question so much differently and not come out looking like he just threw is Offensive Coordinator under the bus.

I'm sure players will disagree with some of the decisions their coaches make and hopefully the coaches will take ownership when their players look bad but this is a clear example of a guy thinking, " Hey, old man, I'm smarter and better than you ever were." And what is worse….. the Stamps won the freaking game for goodness sake!

I have watched Tate's body language during numerous plays. Yes, the guy certainly plays with intensity and passion but I've also seen the guy show what could be inferred as disdain for a receiver who dropped a ball that should in Tate's mind have been caught or when a player was not open when he should have. Balance this off with the number of times Mr. Tate has blown a pass when his receiver was wide open and one realizes Tate has an attitude that does not bring honor to the the Stamps or the CFL.

Remember Cleo Lemon, former Argo's QB and his childish antics a few years ago? It wasn't long before Lemon was no longer playing pro ball… anywhere!

Drew Tate is a second string QB who is paid to take instruction from the bench no matter what the call is. The thing is if there is pent up frustration in Tate it is bound to affect his performance and the performance of his teammates.

It wouldn't hurt for a couple of seasoned more professional teammates to have a quiet little chat with this guy and if he's not willing to be humbled take him behind the wood shed and let Cornish take a few runs at him.

Unprofessional, unsportsmanlike, uncalled for, and TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE! :thdn: SHAME ON DREW TATE for trying to throw his Offensive Coordinator under the bus.