Drew Tate next gen QB star?

Drew Tate, from what I have witnessed thus far in a limited backup capacity, seems to have the goods to be an all-star in this league.
His methodical command of the ball appears almost effortless when given the chance.

check out his stats:

2010 - 7 TD's and 0 INT's (133.9 passer rating)
2011 - 4 TD's and 0 INT's (112.9 passer rating)

Tate is 28 years old and would appear to be an excellent replacement for Burris when the torch is passed.
(which may be sooner than later considering Henry's wildly inconsistent play this year)

Does this guy have "star" potential or what?

I'd say him, Lulay, and maybe even Durant if he can pick up his play next year are the future of this league. If Tate can play like he did last game for the a long time, I would say he will be one of the greats in this league. He can read defenses, passes are spot on! He looks like he is a veteran out there already! I think Buris will finish the year as the "starter" with Tate getting lots of playing time, and he will take over the starting role either in TC next year or half way through the year.

Tate has won the job, Huff meticulously went about replacing most of the players on that offense, still has some work to do in the off season with his Oline, I suspect they will go after Josh Bourke. Best thing for Calgary is to sit Burris and make sure he does not get hurt so they can trade him in the off season, if he has anything on his contract left.

I was impressed with Tate he came on the field and made that offense his and wasn’t afraid to tell the receivers what he expected of them. He has leadership qualities he was refreshing to see out there. It’s time to change the guard in Calgary Burris is a decent QB but he isn’t the guy that’s going to win a Grey Cup anymore, it’s time for him to move on maybe go to T.O and play for the Argos since he can’t seem to beat them.

He'll be a year or two away from being a star but it wouldn't surprise me. Burris will make a good, overpriced backup for him. Wouldn't be surprised at all if Tate starts the next game.

Tate appears to be the real deal.
As for Hank, looks like he has hit the wall this year.

& how's that working out? :roll:

Very well IMO. Tied for first place while rebuilding your oline, your kicking game and rejuvenating your offense and replacing your two all star corners, not an easy task. With all the money that will be freed up by Burris, Reynolds, Bryant, Rambo, they will be able to fill some holes at free agency. Murphy has a good nose for talent.

Huffnagel has never been affraid to make changes, the man as ice in his veins and he's not going anywhere.


Calgary's ability to scout and replace talent is second to none IMO. Hufnagel is quietly pulling off a rebuild without the team tanking.

As i am watching the Stamps refresh some of the players in the offense, it seems they are following suit with much of the rest of the league and investing more into Canadian recievers. Im beginning to wonder if Rambo is on his way out a bit. Injuries seem to now keep him out then he is in. Dont get me wrong though, Imports Bryant and Lewis still have time left.
I know they dont have the best Canadian recievers by any means, but i think they can work with them:arje franklyn, Jonny forzanni, Jabari Arthur, anthony parker. i think there is some futures there.

Lewis, Burris, Rambo, reynolds... and cope for a bit...those guys were the foundation of the stamps for so long... its weird seeing the changing of the guard.