Drew Tate - Has it all!

Hey all, my first time posting here. Just wanted to say how excited I am to see Tate play. Think he is/will be a super qb. One of the best. He reminds me of Doug Flutie in a big way. His passion for the game, tenacity, smarts and athleticism.
As hard as it is for me to cheer for Calgary…I love this guy! GO Tate GO!!

- I’m a Tater! :smiley:

he's nothing like flutie.

not saying he's not good. i just don't see any similarities.

Far too early to tell if he will turn in to a superstar. So far he has been good. Need a couple of years to form an opinion.

did you ever actually watch doug flutie???

the only person I have seen since him that showed me flashes of Flutie like style was mike reilly. Looking forward to the day he gets his chance, to see if its more than just flashes.

having said that, I am very impressed with tate, so far.


I'm impressed with him too. Some guys take a long time to develop, and others seem to have it early. I think Tate's one of those and I think we'll see big things from him sooner than later.

He is going to be someone really fun to watch and follow even if he doesn't play on the team you cheer for.

No question this young man has the tools to become an elite QB and is coming into his own at the right time considering Hank is on the downside of his career.

At the same time, does Tate have enough experience to take take the Stamps to the GC this year? :?

Two games does not put him in the same class as Flutie!!

Wow, to those jumping on me for an opinion, wtf!?!
Welcome to the Forum eh!
First off I never said he was just like Flutie, I said he reminds me of him and I'll stick to that.
He may never be as good, (but who knows), but IMO he has similar qualities....its just 2 starts and in Fluties first 2 starts how many thought he'd be as good as he was?
I'm a huge Flutie fan and yes I watched him play in Calgary while he was there. (ex Calgarian here)
Anyways, just excited about Tate, sorry for my exuberance.

what similarities do you see with tate and flutie that noone else here does?

People are curious of what reminds you of Flutie and that does not make you feel welcome ?

I can't see the similarities either. Different stature, different throwing motion, haven't seen Tate throw downfield while rushing for a first down, does not have the escapability of Flutie... You have to be careful when you compare a guy who has started 2 games after four or five years against what many consider the best QB ever to play in the CFL.

Flutie and Tom Clements had similar styles/similarities although i don’t believe Tate fits in that type of QB genre.

…don’t take it too personal, it’s the internet after all…opinions will often be met with challenge, it’s no big deal…welcome and keep on posting!


Welcome dude! You’ll find, quickly, who’s post you should take the time to read and who’s to totally ignore. Obvious trolls are very obvious here.
I agree Tate should be a star in the future. If he does have it in him to be another Doug Fluite, it’ll take a little more work for him to reach those high standards.

we dont have enough stamps fans here. lets not trash too hard on one when we get one!

So as far as the Flutie thing-I didnt see too many similarities... BUT IMHO the game has changed a little too much for QB's like flutie and Allen to really be shown. With the fast Ends on the Defense (like Mr. odell willis) Its difficult for a QB to have much time when they roll out of the pocket. guys like Flutie had all day once outside the pocket. Now a days that a desperation play. But again, thats just my opinion.

I agree with the OP that Tate is good, and will likely be great one day very soon.

Like others, I'm not in agreement on the Flutie comparison, but that doesn't mean that Tate won't be great in his own right.

Welcome aboard Tater. Just because everyone doesn't agree with your opinion doesn't mean its not welcome! :smiley:

Like hothead. I'm not sure you can play the position today like you could back then. Tactics have changed. I can't see Flutie running circles around Cox or Knowlton today but he would still be a playmaker. Tate looks like a playmaker so far and he's mentaly strong, always has been. He's a great addition to the league.

I see a similarity between the Tate and Flutie in some respect, for instance the ability to avoid sacks and at the same time through a completion while throwing off the wrong foot and against the grain, somewhat side arming.

Not afraid to think out of the box, again similar to Flutie to some degree.

I completely agree, with everything except the first sentence. :smiley: