Drew Tate gets the nod.

Huffer has given Tate the nod in the upcoming tilt against the Riders. I wonder if Glenn is pissed. As long as the defense is ready to play I'm ok with Tate, on a short leash. Glenn may not have been pretty all the time but seemed to do enough to win most nights.
I don't know if Tate is ready mentally. Big game and if memory serves Tate didn't fair to well in last years semi against the Eskies.

The decisions one can make when he has a five year contract :lol:

It's a tough call. Tate is a great QB, and Glenn has played well all year and really rescued the season for the team.

I'd have probably gone with Glenn, but when you have two quality QBs the only way to know if you're making the right call is the game day performance.

What an incredible injustice to Glenn. He has every right to be pissed. He carried Calgary over the season and got them into a position to host a home playoff game. The reward he gets for all his hard work is 2nd string QB for the biggest game of the season. Edmonton could use a good number 1 QB next season.

Tate didn't look sharp last week. the Safe bet was to go with Glenn IMO.

I can't think of a QB that has had so many raw deals in the CFL.

I've said it before, I'm not a huge fan of Tate, can't really put my finger on it, and that new visor he's sporting doesn't help. I hate that thing! reminds me of Nealon Greene and we all know how that turned out.

I think he will be a good QB in this league but Glenn has taken just about every snap this year. There is no way Tate can be as sharp haven't played on full game all year...

I have a lot of respect for Hufnagel and Dickinson, but it's hard to justify this decision, given how little Tate has played this season and how well Glenn has done in relief.

I can't argue that, Glenn deserved this game.

Glenn got screwed, end of story. I'm not even a Stamps fan so I don't know why this decision pisses me off so much.

Glenn guided the Stamps to the 2nd best record in the league (only 1 win behind BC) and 2nd best offensive output (only 3 pts. behind Hamilton) and this is the gratitude he receives.

Glenn has a right to be peeved.

i like this decision.
it’s tate’s team. not glenn’s.
to start glenn would be making it glenn’s team going forward.

tate was the starter and it was his team. he got hurt and glenn did his job as a backup.

i would feel differently had tate come back after glenn won a playoff game or two, but tate came back with 2 reg.season games remaining.
or, i might feel differently had tate played poorly and lost the job to glenn.

before trading for glenn, glenn agreed and understood that it is tate’s team, and that glenn would serve as back-up.
had glenn not accepted that, he wouldn’t be in a stamps uniform today. it was made clear to him from before day 1 what his role would be.

As an Eskimo fan, I was very pleased last year when Tate got the nod over Burris. History may well prove me wrong but I have not been impressed with Tate, especially in big games. Hope I'm wrong.

The mirage that Glenn put up that he has carried this team this season is just that a mirage. In fact it was Jon Cornish who has carried this team along with receiver Nick Lewis on the offense. Glenn through 16 INTS to only 25 TDs. Early in the season He had Larry Taylor creating filed position and the defense was strong throughout the season. Paredes had a 93% fg. everyone talks about how Burris threw 2 picks in a game that would keep there playoff games alive. In fact the most important game of the season against those same TICATS he threw 4 INTS.
Hufnagel has learned from the last time they played the riders shut down Cornish and make Glenn win the game and he could not get it done. He had his shot to be a premier QB in Hamilton and he fell short. 16 ints to 25 TDs says it all about his consistancy. Calgary may or may not win the game with Tate and may or may not go to the Grey cup with tate but with Glenn they are almost assured not to get those things done.
Any team looking for a starting QB will not be looking to acquire Glenn so why would Calgary start him when they have there starter.
If Tate is 100% which apparently he is he is better than Glenn or glenn would still be in Hamilton. This is not kevin glenns football team nor is it drew tates team it is Calgarys TEAM and that team deserves to have its best players play in the playoffs.
The Riders already have the Blue pring for beating Calgary with Glenn at QB now they have to find another blue print.

I can't think of a QB that has had so many raw deals in the CFL.
Glenn is totally the Rodney Dangerfield of the CFL ... I really do feel bad for the guy.

This has shades of the Buffalo Bills when they replaced Flutie with Rob Johnson. I am definitely rooting against the Stamps now.

My hero when I was like 13!!!

I should mention that as a RIDER FAN this decision makes me happy.

....really jman?, think about this for a second: how much tape do your riders have on Tate? about 7 quarters is how much, not a lot to work with...and given his swing out gunslinger style I'd say it's worth even less than the tape it's recorded on...

...Glenn was on the radio tonight, handled it like a pro, he is disappointed he is not starting but 'this isn't about Kevin Glenn, it's about winning a playoff game' (his words)...

...I'm okay with Huf's decision, if Tate rocks it then playoff win, if Tate stumbles KG in for the save...

..and let the riders come in thinking they've owned the stamps in the playoffs for years, this isn't Hanks team anymore...

Im not saying Tate sucks or anything because he doesnt. But I would rather have Glenn in there.

Also what is Glenn supposed to say haha?