Drew Tate-Fred Russell

I am a born and bred Manitoban who just graduated from the University of Iowa and now live in Texas. But I was looking at the Rough Rider roster to get my CFL fix after not following the offseason (it's tough to stay on top of things down here) and noticed that former Iowa Hawkeyes Drew Tate and Fred Russell had signed with Sask. I loved watching these guys at Iowa. So I'm curious to know how they're doing and if they will be getting any playing time. Anyone got any news?

Russell very easily could, but Drew Tate, not so much - at least not right now.

RB is going to be split amongst alot of people this year I think so he could see some time. From the sounds of it they are exited about having Tate and devloping him. Looks goof for bolth of them but I wouldn’t expect to see tate playing for a few years.

Generally people see that Russell has talent, but his hands have been a little suspect. Tate is on the practice roster, so only time and injuries will tell.