Drew Tate 2-0...Is this it for Smilin Hank In Calgary?

Whoa there, Mr. Argo fan Birdman.. Are you wishing this on the 'Cats just to give us grief? I can't see the 'Cats adding an aging former first-stringer like Burris unless he's willing to come to Hamilton as a second-stringer. That scenario might work if Hamilton releases Glenn and declares Porter the starter for next year. Hank might figure that he could pick up the pieces if/when Porter falters.

Hamilton's quarterbacking IS a mess right now but nobody can quite pin down the reasons. There are a multitude of factors playing into it (yes, some of it lousy Quarterbacking but changes/injuries to the O-line and a rotating core of receivers aren't helping... let alone some odd play calling and a strange lack of prep. for some games). This seems unlike in Calgary where Burris has clearly been faltering on his own.

I could see Hamilton picking up a former first-stringer on the downside to serve as backup to Porter... Unless BOTH Porter and Glenn are released and the decision is that Boltus will somehow be the QB of the future and an aging Burris or a Pierce is brought in for a year. This just seems like an unlikely scenario at this point. I also see the trade involving a bucket of used straps on Hamilton's part.

They can't release both, they are trying to figure out which one of the two they want to keep.

Toronto shouldn’t go after him. Even if he drops his salary significantly, he’s still expensive. That cap space should go to other positions, like reciever as mentioned before.

I think Hamilton will trade for Henry Burris IF we lose our first playoff game again and then release Glenn who later get’s picked up by T.O.

What a savvy take! I hope this works out that way, as I agree with you that this would be an even better fit for both guys and teams.

All the same, Toronto's offence would be fantastic not only with new receivers but also with some mobility at the QB position as Glenn does not possess enough. Glenn has what Jyles does not for passing, and Jyles has what Glenn does not for mobility, so ...

I just don't see a drop-back passer excelling in that system they ran last season in Toronto when it does work as it did on occasion even with Lemon.

When they maintain the running threat with solid blocking for also pass protection, Toronto, as could most teams similarly, would build with the right guys from that point with a play action short-passing game and also QB running threat.

Think of last year's offence in Toronto as akin to that of Calgary minus all the receiving talent.

And as I have ranted at length for months now, why they have such a tough time finding solid receivers in Toronto remains unexplained other than just plain pee-poor scouting and management by Barker. :thdn:

I say he has to go too.

Yes, and it's not a hard decision:

A) A for sure has-been with experience
B) A presently improving, younger performer with plenty of upside

Burris is alot more likely to be in Hamilton than Toronto in my opinion. If Hamilton decides that Glenn can't get it done, it makes sense for them to go after Hank because they actually have a semblance of a team around. Toronto has more issues than just QB and need to finally develop a longterm solution. Burris would be a band-aid solution.

But like I said, I don't see Hank backing up anyone. If he's not given a legitimate shot to start somewhere, I say he retires.

Depends how you see it. In Toronto he needs to put up 25 points to win in Hamilton he needs to put up 40 (as it stands today). Also depends on his relationship with Barker. Obilovich has a habit of waiting till guys are released to pick them up. Barker is not affraid to give something up and has concluded many trades with Calgary already. He has a good relationship with Murphy in Calgary. I think the advantage goes to Toronto even if Burris was released outright Toronto could claim him off waivers and prevent Hamilton from even getting a sniff at him. Also Arland Bruce is a Free Agent he might be interested going back to Toronto if Burris was there. Too many possibilities at this point to even make a decent guess.

I was quite surprised at this change.

I can't see him going to Toronto considering how much Barker has invested in Jyles. I think he should give Jyles a chance to start a fresh season before he starts messing around at QB. Like HfxTC said in an earlier post, Barker needs to focus more on recruiting. He barely made any changes to the roster last off-season, and now the Argos are paying for it. I think a bigger need is receiver. Of course, if Barker's let go, then all bets are off.

I could see him going to Hamilton. Hamilton's a head-scratcher right now. I haven't been following the team that closely, but there does seem to be quite a bit of juggling going on at QB right now. Someone mentioned the team's trying to decide which QB to keep, and that'd make sense given what's going on.

On a semi-related note, I wonder if Ricky Ray might also be on the hot seat. He's been rather inconsistent this season, and Tillman's no stranger to making bold moves. I think the one advantage Ray has over Burris is there's no clear guy behind him. You have Joseph, who's older than Burris, and Ward, a guy with 1 pass to his name.

Interesting times to say the least...