Drew says Austin will be announced today

[url=http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2012/12/kent-austin-coming-to-ticats.html]http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2012/ ... icats.html[/url]

TSN is report the same.


According to Mitchell the GM was going to be the first hire so its safe to assume Austin is taking on both roles. Can't wait to see who he picks or brings as coordinators. This is an exciting hire hope it works out.

After last weeks "shocking" announcement this is starting to make sense.

Can you imagine Cortez being the face of the franchise while playing out of Guelph ... Austin will be much better with the circumstances and is a great hire moving into the new "digs".

I don't think the offence will suffer either ... see 1989 Grey Cup.

This makes our 6-12 season a little easier to digest.

Wonder if Cortez would consider coming back as OC? Hey, Sutherin was lured back in 1998 as DC.

8) For what it's worth, the Fan590 and Sportsnet are reporting that Austin will be the HC, and Director of Football Operations.
   No mention in their report that Austin will be the GM !!

    Then again, Cortez had the same title this year, and in effect the reality was he was the GM also !!!

Forgive me if I don't pop a bottle of champagne. In Obie I no longer trust and I'm officially from Missouri now.

I wonder what changed for Austin from last year when the TiCats wanted to hire him? He is certainly an upgrade from Cortez the HC/GM.

Wouldn't it be nice if Cortez accepted an offer to rejoin the team as OC? It wouldn't fix the most critical hole in the coaching staff - a competent DC.

He has a record at Cornell of 11 & 19....around .580 batting average. Cortez had a .500 batting average....hmmmm almost the same! Don't know much about this guy other than he was a quarterback, offensive co-ordinator, and quarterbacks coach, so I think he is very much offensive minded. So our offense should be as good as or better than last season. If he was to take on a decent DC, and we could take that side off the ball up a couple of notches, well, who know, we might just be there when the dust clears next year. :?

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Are you a little happy TC23!

Happy to see that Canada's Smartest Person is taking the news graciously:

[url=http://twitter.com/PeterDyakowski/status/280711557976043520]http://twitter.com/PeterDyakowski/statu ... 7976043520[/url]

Oh, happy day! We've just replaced a coach with a .333 record, with a guy who soared to .366 in his time at Cornell! As Obie always said, "Better is better!" The Great Leap Forward...

Absolutely love Canada's smartest person. Hope he re-signs with the tabbies!

Wonder if Tillman will be new GM

George Cortez CFL HC record - 6-12, missed playoffs.
Kent Austin CFL HC record - 12-6, grey cup champ. Yeah, i’d say there’s a slight improvement there. :roll:

Does anyone really think that a team’s record is 100% the result of the coach?

Good point, 15 Championships. I still like my coment better. I hope you're right, though.

I hope so too, believe me i’m very cautious of this move too.One has to wonder if KG started for the Bombers that day whether the Riders would be at 3 or 2 grey cup wins.

When it’s all said and done, I think it’ll be the defense that makes or breaks this team.

There’s also the wildcard issue of playing at UofG for about half of the home games.

Still don’t know about the other games…

Should know soon as the deadline is 3 days away.

Saskatchewan was very beatable that day. I think the Bombers with KG would have beaten them.

It sounds like KA will both HC and GM … or maybe they’ll call it Director of Football Ops… which means more or less the same thing, esp. now that Obie has been moved to a role as a “consultant”.

I wonder how much he’s being paid. If he turned down Sask for $500K a couple of years ago, and also turned down Hamilton last year, I’m betting he’s got to be getting significantly more now.

I sincerely hope that Mitchell and Young stay patient with Austin even if he doesn't have immediate success. One positive to this hiring is that Austin has coached mobile veteran quarterbacks to Grey Cup success in the CFL (Damon Allen as Toronto OC in 2004, Kerry Joseph as Saskatchewan HC in 2007). To me, this hiring is a sign that Burris will be Hamilton's starter in 2013.

If Austin is going to be GM and HC, he absolutely has to hire an offensive coordinator, even if he himself retains control of the playcalling.

I hope Austin is already on the phone with Greg Marshall to fill that vacant DC spot.