Drew Remenda Sports show!!

anybody listening to the show right now.

It's on at 6 pm daily.

Some lady phoned in talking about how classless Danny Barrett is. It was tough to hear a Rider Fan still so bitter about Danny Barrett.

Long Live Danny's Post-rider career.

How is Danny classless?

Drew is heading back south to do broadcasts for San Jose Sharks

Danny turned down an interwiew with TSN for Friday night football, and apparently this somehow offends people....

I think that was a good move on Danny's part. Let's move on. It's too soon. Let him get settled with his new town and his new team. After this season then he will probably be more willing.

K, if I was Danny Barrett I wouldnt do the interview either. I have met the man many times. And everytime he remembered me and we had a conversation. He was great in the community, loved Regina. What more do you want? He was full of class, and I am sure he still is...

Yeah, I emailed the show after i heard the caller say that.
I explained how much Danny loved Regina. I gave them the same bit about being great in our community. I talked about his son playing local football.

It simply is not relevant for Danny Barrett as a Quarterback Coach for an American college to sit down a give a CFL interview that is, essentially a year and a half old.

Some people are upset because he left some not very nice comments in a newspaper where's he coaching now. Something along the lines of "he's glad to be back coaching real football now". Apparently that didn't go over too well with the people that he convinced he was better not bitter. Seems he's still a little bitter over the whole situation, although that's nothing that many shouldn't expect.

I still think he was a good guy, perhaps not the greatest coach but hey, in this business you should expect to lose your job when you don't win it all. I still think he did a lot of good for the city and was a class act all the way.

Let people be upset, theres nothing you can do to change it. That's the nature of the beast in professional sports. He can say whatever he wants, do whatever he wants, and live wherever he wants. We need to call these people and complain to them why they moved away to seek employment elsewhere. Or, when they get fired we should require them to answer all of our questions as to why they got fired from their job. People are stupid sometimes when it comes to athletes and coaches. Athletes usually don't care about team history, they don't care about how they fit in the commmunity, they don't care that people drive 6 hours one way to watch a game, they don't care who is playing beside them or who they are playing for. Danny didn't care what the community thought about his coaching staff, he didn't care that nobody liked his offensive play selection, and he didn't he got let go. You play to win and get a paycheck. Period.

I say, "Long Live Danny Barret"!!! May not have been sucessfull in the big areas. But he set a new standard in Saskatchewan Roughrider football. Any future success Barret still gets credit for in my mind.