Drew Remenda, on Mo Lloyd

I thought the Mo Lloyd sack on Buck Pierce was absolutely awesome, clean,vicious ,and QB leveling. Sacks are hard to come by, this was a big play in the game, Mo Lloyd new it and let everyone else know it. I don't get how Remenda could chastise Mo for celebrating the sack and not standing over the QB and check on Bucks Health ........Maybe i'm morbid,fine, I know i'd never get tired of hits like that....just when i didn't think i could lose any more respect for Remenda.....GO RIDERS

Remenda (note the spelling :wink:) has never been a big fan of the Riders. If it's not hockey, he'll whine about it.

It was clean. I wouldn't expect any Lion player to check on a Rider's health. Heck, if he is so mad where were the Lions when Wes Cates got hurt?

Remenda is out to lunch on this one. I doubt Mo had any idea that Buck was out cold--he was busy celebrating what he knew was a terrific hit.
I am not a big fan of the whole pointing skyward after a big play--like god cares or picks sides---but it is part of the football culture now. If Dru doesn't like it, fine--neither do I. But it has nothing to do with this particular hit. Either you dislike it all the time, or shut up about it.....

I was going nuts after the hit. It literally took me about a minute to realize that Buck Pierce was out to lunch lol

Note to Remenda: When players duck somewhat as they're running, they're liable to get their clock cleaned.

Was Pierce really out cold? I'd find that hard to believe, quite frankly, since he was off the field on his own steam about a minute after the hit, and wasn't strolling at a leisurely pace, either. Granted, I had a limited view, but still...I assumed he just hurt really bad....

He wasnt moving for a while. Im pretty sure he was out.

Who's Remenda??